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Published on August 5, 2018 by

Coola kläder!

Hey babes! In todays video I’m trying out a bunch of new products and talking about a topic that you guys have been discussing about in the comments for a while now.

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  • seliah winter 1 year ago

    love this look and I like the bleach blonde/yellow hair ❤

  • Brenda Alvarado 1 year ago

    Idk what people talking about, u look the same to me, pretty as always ❤

  • Naphisa 1 year ago


  • Chronic Fridge 1 year ago

    Your looks always slay me, you're so pretty
    Also, holy hell, discussing someone's weight is so annoying
    There are a ton of factors that come to dependence of health to weight. I mean come on, bodies are not the same all the time, you can change your appearance every single day, and still it's not the end of the world. Love and caring about someone is fine, to the point when it becomes hurtful and mean

  • Noctreau the Little Elf 1 year ago

    Even if it's said out of love and consideration, talking about someone else's weight is just fucking rude. Stop it.

  • Daphne Wilson 1 year ago

    weigh is pronounced like way
    weight is pronounced like wait
    just in case you still need a little help with that

  • Paula Gomez Fresneda 1 year ago

    In Spain we are having 41°. It's like we're in hell.

  • Fernanda S 1 year ago

    Yes! More grungy videos please! 💖

  • Stephanie Giacuzzi 1 year ago

    Brow gel from neve cosmetics* ehehe.

  • UrbanUnicorn 1 year ago

    Love the red eyes ❤️❤️

  • Tessa Erives-Estrada 1 year ago

    Red makes your blue eyes POP

  • Madeline Lore 1 year ago

    Why do people have to be so rude. I think you’re awesome. You have great skills!

  • lionesskathy ok 1 year ago

    This is so cool!!! Also can you do more of the ~interesting~ and not wearable looks you used to do a lot in the past? I’m not trying to be uwu if you wanna do basic looks go for it!!! Just trying to say that, like, there are bitches in ur audience who likes the weird stuff

  • AllThingsKerri 1 year ago

    It's the same temp wise in the UK. Not used to the heat or how long it's been going on for!

  • Melissa Lecis 1 year ago

    The brow gel is from neve cosmetics! Not nabla..

  • Kailey Fox 1 year ago

    Wow, your heat waver Sweden is only 88 degrees F (31 C). The heat wave in the Southern US has been around 103 degrees F (39 C). I can't imagine how nice it would feel to be 88 F during a summer heat wave!

  • Marita 85 1 year ago

    you said Gerard Way, and I thought "omfg, yasssss girl!" Be still my heart ❤

  • Адела Беликова 1 year ago

    Ur gorgeous and u look the same, ur weight is ur business I always love watching ur videos I love u EVELINA

  • d devine 1 year ago

    Yep, ppl can be so rude! We follow you because you are so good at makeup and a lovely person. They should keep their comments to themselves and you should not listen to them. It's a pity that ppl focus on the bad stuff and not the positive. I have been watching you videos for over 2 years and you have come such a long way, your english is lovely and I love your videos. I am sure I am not alone with that. Take no notice to bad stuff, you are doing brilliantly as you are. 🙂 Dxx

  • Magdaléna Khýrová 1 year ago

    I´m loving the brows ❣ (also the bleached blonde, but I know it´s gone now)

  • Alexandra Salas 1 year ago

    It is 112 degree F (which is 44 degree C) where I live today which isn't the high for us. We are spending lots of time inside cause its way too hot for anything outside lol

  • Sheila AM SheiShei 1 year ago

    Love you from Spain

  • Адела Беликова 1 year ago

    3:38 ( the face she makes lol ) 😁14:56 ( Lathesh) 15:46 ( omg these eyelashes are so cute) lol

  • Justpeachy_ honey 1 year ago

    I’m glad you finally addressed the weight comments. I was tired of seeing people be so rude, thinking that you wouldn’t take offense to it. What’s important is that you’re eating well & taking care of yourself. All body shapes are different & don’t necessarily equate to health

  • Nikoleta Bobeková 1 year ago

    this look is soooo cute .. I think red really suits you 🙂 ❤❤❤❤ send love

  • The T with Tonia 1 year ago

    Great look Evelina! Would love to see you dye your hair. Can't wait to see what colour you will have next. It's really hot here in the UK too. I'm dying!!!!! Global warming is real and happening all over the world. It's a real shame. Human kind are destroying our beautiful planet and governments need to do much more to prevent it!

  • Cherry Pretzel 1 year ago

    OMG😍😍😍I’ve had such a crush on u for the longest time!!!!!!ily sooooooooooo much!!! Also I love the look❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • rose mary 1 year ago

    I like this faded hair way better. but honestly silver suited you so well 🙂

  • AriesTofu 1 year ago

    Yessssss all red eyeshadow!! Honestly this is my go-to look XD

    Sorry people comment on your weight. Happens to me too and it's really annoying when you're just trying to live your life. 🙄

  • Amy Kelly 1 year ago

    You were hot then and hot now!!
    You look amazing and very healthy. People need to mind their own business and concentrate on there own health and fitness.
    You are a Viking woman and blessed with good genes.
    Enjoy 😉
    Love from USA 🇺🇸

  • Ellie Bellie 1 year ago

    You do try on videos, so I'm unsure why you say that people only ever see you from the shoulders up because that's untrue. People that find their weight irrelevant or unimportant don't refrain from looking at a scale when they step on it, that's extra. If your subscribers are commenting on your weight it's because they feel concerned for someone they've watched and connected with and they've noticed a change.

  • Samantha Ortega 1 year ago

    I love so much how you look with blonde hair!!

  • Tess Jo 1 year ago

    I would love to see you with more natural brows I'm sure it'll suits you very well

  • vistillia 1 year ago

    You inspire me, by how you enjoy your life, and your expression. Thank you for not letting the comments get you down.

  • Mille Christiansen 1 year ago

    Wow i so understand why those lashes are called lioness, they're amazing!

  • Soppel Stoppel 1 year ago

    16:44 Does anybody know the name of the song?

  • Danielle Meservey 1 year ago

    U do not need to explain hun at all ur happy ur gorgeous . my whole life people said I was a bag of bones I was to pale I wasn't healthy but I was n I was happy n confident now I'm heavier n I'm depressed n they r happy . its important for u to b happy I was wrong to try n make others happy but really its my body I live with it not them. ! Do what makes u happy n screw everyone else's opinions cause they don't matter !!! Ur gorgeous just the way u r .

  • BleedTheWineUnholy 1 year ago

    Discussing people's weight is SO RUDE. Like, who raised the people doing this? I feel like my family did a good job of teaching me to mind my damn business about super personal things, but I swear some people act like they were raised by feral cats in the forest. Don't they understand that you can SEE everything they're saying, even if they're not saying it directly to you? They just have 0 sense of politeness or impropriety 😔

  • BleedTheWineUnholy 1 year ago

    Also, it just shows how clueless these weight comments are, that they're claiming your face looks underweight when you actually ADDED volume to it. I think people just saw someone comment on it and jumped on the bandwagon, whether it made sense or not. One person commenting can sometimes influence too many other people's opinions, so we'd all do ourselves a huge favor if we thought more for ourselves instead of mimicking the opinions of others. ✌

  • emris art 1 year ago

    god damnit you’re so awesome, i love you

  • Gloria Bartoli 1 year ago

    In Mulac palettes the shadows came off, theire magnetic, names are in the back! Love from Italy and proud of Nabla, Mulac and Nevecosmetics😻

  • Glitch Bitch 1 year ago

    I’ve been vegan for a while and I haven’t lost any weight. Like you, that’s not the reason I went vegan. ❤️

  • Beautifully A Threat 1 year ago

    My skin cant handle the sun either.


  • Rachie Candice 1 year ago

    Amazing you never played into the number on the scale bullshit the world has forced upon us. Self love is way more important.
    Love you. Great look! ❤️

  • Sandy Gutierrez 1 year ago

    Its 40 celcius here in California 😫

  • Lisette Marie 1 year ago

    I LOVE the pale hair with pale skin and red eyeshadow!!!❤❤❤ you should do this with "bleached" brows or white brows 😁 although I think you've colored your hair by now 🤔

  • Hermosa Juana 1 year ago

    Hey babe, you are beautiful inside and out. I love your videos! Don't mind those rude people. They are everywhere spreading negative vibes. Remember, you are Evelina and you are awesome! You are unique and that's the thing I LOVE about you, babe!

  • Rubie Ramos 1 year ago

    why do i like the thought of this blonde hair with cute bangs

  • Michelle H 1 year ago


  • Kayla Dile 1 year ago

    This hair color is beautiful on you. I think its amazing that you look too cute even between dyes. Also your weight has never crossed my mind. You're just a person. Geeze. People these days.


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