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Published on January 3, 2017 by

Videon är i samarbete med Junkyard.
Bikini: http://tracking.junkyard.com/SH1UZ
Grå mjukis: http://tracking.junkyard.com/SH1Ub
Svart hoodie: http://tracking.junkyard.com/SH1Ud
T-shirt: http://tracking.junkyard.com/SH1Uf
Nike sneakers svarta: http://tracking.junkyard.com/SH1Uh
T-shirt: http://tracking.junkyard.com/SH1Uj
Svart jacka med vit dragkedja: http://tracking.junkyard.com/SH1Ul
Gråa shorts: http://tracking.junkyard.com/SH1Un
Adidas strumporna: http://tracking.junkyard.com/SH1Up
T-shirt: http://tracking.junkyard.com/SH1Ur
Mjukis med svarta knän: http://tracking.junkyard.com/SH1Ut
Stussy Hoodie: http://tracking.junkyard.com/SH1Uv
Bomberjackan: http://tracking.junkyard.com/SH1Ux
Body: http://tracking.junkyard.com/SH1Uz
Nike sneakers blåa: http://tracking.junkyard.com/SH1V1

Min smssignal:
iPhone Download: https://itunes.apple.com/album/nu-koh… (iPhone only!)
iPhone Download: smarturl.it/NuKohVie (iPhone only!)
Android & iPhone Download: https://tuunes.co/ringtone/nu-koh-vie

Tack för att ni finns i mitt liv. :*
★ INSTAGRAM: danskhelvetet
★ ANTONS INSTAGRAM: anton_frenchie
★ TYSONS INSTAGRAM: farbror_tyson
★ SNAPCHAT: karinahusum


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