Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time – 12 000 onions chopped: THE HACKENING – 1 000 000 subscriber special


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Published on March 18, 2016 by

Long story short, we told you guys in our last cooking video (Nuclear Spaghetti) that we would chop 1 onion for each comment on that video. Well, you guyses commented over 11.000 times, so we bought and chopped 12.000 onions for the occasion.

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Matgeek made some caramelized onions from the onions.
However, pretty much everything into biogas recycling.

Hope you enjoyed the video, bitchers! It’s good for you!

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Thanks Mats ‘Prosthetic’ Andersson for the Swedish intro!

The “Death Trap” track that you hear in each episode is from the ProScores audio collection from Video CoPilot

..other audio/music is from Epidemic Sound


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