Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time – How to assemble IKEA furniture – Swedish style


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Published on November 19, 2015 by

Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored or related to IKEA other than they had the chair we needed for an assembly video!

Follow these elaborate instructions to build your very own chair from IKEA, or whatever place for that matter! Just remember to enter a state of uncontrollable rage, and you’ll be just fine! It’s good for you!

NOTE: Obviously it was a huge mistake forgetting to eat mayonnaise this time around. As a matter of fact, we had mayonnaise laying around, but forgot to pop it in there. Don’t repeat our mistakes, it can save your life, or even worse.. your life!!

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Thanks Mats ‘Prosthetic’ Andersson for the Swedish intro in most videos!

The “Death Trap” track that you hear in each episode is from the ProScores audio collection from Video CoPilot

..other audio/music is from Epidemic Sound


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