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Coola kläder!

Dead Cells is a roguevania – half roguelike, half metroidvania. I awaken as some sort of weird alchemical experiment, and with no real explanation, I start exploring the world, picking up weapons, powers, and magic along the way.

● Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwLLDunYNFY&index=2&list=PLGr99HIJUZkU602VuOom4EBfTReUBwnaG
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  • Cristi Birlogeanu 12 months ago


  • Ma Boy 12 months ago

    Finally another dead cells

  • Ma Boy 12 months ago

    Btw if u do a slam down and the enemy is about to die, maybe u should kill them, u could possibly reach that 30??‍♂️ u never kno

  • Nuramon147 12 months ago

    I got the Vax reference in the title! Eyyyyy!

  • Yogscast Fan Ash [Agent Zeta] 12 months ago

    Wings of the crown insanely good if you go on a full tactical run with efficiency.

  • Knee gher 12 months ago

    just assault shield the bombs lol no but srsly use assault shield on bombs and projectiles

  • Jonny Keegan 12 months ago

    Hey guys, listen to the exploding eggs at 17:25. Sounds like there’s a certain plumber in these sewers

  • Twilight Dawns 12 months ago

    That dagger seemed really good

  • TurtleCube 12 months ago

    okay Rythian, so in your first run, why did you never use frost blast? I feel like that could have helped. Though I myself have forgotten I have certain weapons so if that's what happened, fair enough.

  • Jonathan McInnes 12 months ago


  • Jonathan McInnes 12 months ago

    Rythian, you STILL aren't playing this properly. First run you had the frost blast, and you hardly used it. It's super strong when you have frost blast and a weapon that naturally crits (such as twin daggers on third hit) but you aren't using that combo!

  • KirbYyY 12 months ago

    Rythian, the reason you are struggling so much if because you don't play the game consistently. You don't use game mechanics, like shield reflection and such, to avoid getting hit, and you generally don't practice. You finished the game on 0 cells after a while and you got better at the game, but you took long pauses for the 1 cell runs and that affects how well you play. If you play consistently and dodge/use shield more(assuming you choose to use one) the game would be much more enjoyable 🙂

  • Nick Currie 12 months ago

    6:25 Oh my god Rythian, I've been with you since 2012, and that's the saddest I've ever heard you sound.

  • Josh Confer 12 months ago

    All of the reasons you describe is why I watch you play this instead of doing so. Its less salt based entertainment.

  • MrBaoomTheFirst 12 months ago

    I think you need some shield training Rythian

  • ConnorSinclairCavin 12 months ago

    They basically expect that by this point in the game you have nearly 0 hit runs going, and you take each of the double damage for having the item type powers so that you one hit all enemies and have different stun and evade skills set up to further avoid death. Additionally aside from the first time you unlock a door and get the blueprint All other times it is multiple times better to take it super slow and full clear, like insanely better, plus the difficulty per area is far outstripping the rate a speedrunner gets for their boons

  • Conga 12 months ago

    Excited for 5 Boss Cells and version 1.2?

    Also please recycle things

  • Sage Beasley 12 months ago

    As difficulty increases, it becomes more and more important to kill things as quickly as possible. If you're playing higher difficulty correctly, you'll be killing mobs incredibly quickly and not taking any hits.

  • Sage Beasley 12 months ago

    16:00 WHyyy did you take green? No reason not to take purple there, especially since you haven't used the shield once!
    18:00 It would have been correct to take the second wolf trap, effectively doubling how often you can use them. They have good synergy with the dagger since they keep enemies from turning around.

  • Max Herman 12 months ago

    Vax! Dagga Dagga Dagga!

  • DreamblitzX 12 months ago

    Huzzah! assasins dagger unlocked (It's amazing with freeze weapons). now just for quick bow….
    also Necromancy is a very nice mutation now that its % healing IMO

    Prison: 2
    Promenade: 3, Sewers: 3
    Ramparts: 4, A. Sewers: 4, Ossuary: 4, P.Depths: 1
    :::::Boss 1:::::
    Village: 4, Graveyard: 5, Sanctuary: 4
    Sepulcher: 5, Clock Tower: 5
    :::::Boss 2:::::
    Castle: 3
    :::::Boss 3:::::
    Gotta collect 'em all!

    But honestly, I feel like for the vast majority of players, dead cells isn't really that fun with boss cells enabled which is kinda sad.

  • cerberus 007 12 months ago

    Hey rythian. I've been a pretty big fan for 6 years now I wanna say. If I had any advice to give for dead cells I'd say get some more practice with zero stem cells just so that you get more experience with base enemy attack patterns

  • Matthew 12 months ago

    It's a pretty cowardly strategy, but to get my second cell, I used the headless rune A LOT, it carries no risk because your head is invulnerable, and it will constantly do damage to whatever you latched onto, it holds them in place for a few seconds too but unlike freezing, they can still attack you. I recommend practicing using the shield in zero cell mode till you are comfortable with it, take the toxic sewers rout because there are still items you didn't unlock from it's boss yet, so it's two birds with one stone

  • Ji 12 months ago


    Dagger, Dagger, Dagger!

    Vax was my favorite too..♡

  • Joel Grönberg 12 months ago

    I'd recommend getting the Impaler, it's a really good weapon with decent range and makes it easier to deal with multiple enemies.

  • KlaxonCow 12 months ago

    Hmm, is there anything more to be gained from a zero cell run to buff up your character further?

    As I'm wondering if this is a case of "just because you can, doesn't mean you should".

    That is, yes, you can now do 1 cell runs. But is your character ready and buffed up enough for them yet?

    For example, the "soldier resistance" mutation you're working on adds HP.

    Indeed, I've just looked online and there's a guy on 4 cell runs, apparently, who recommends a few brutalities, then all-out survivalist thereafter and using "Soldier Resistance", "Vengeance" and "Dead Inside", claiming that he can get 44-45K on HP by the final boss.

    So maybe go back to zero cell runs for a while to farm cells and grind out a load of that long list of upgrades?

    I don't know. I've only just got the game – thanks to your implicit recommendation through these videos – and am nowhere near your level yet, so don't know how much harder it's gotten for you.

    But, well, even at my low level, I'm slowly buffing up my character through cells – just got the ability to grow vines – and perhaps the game is asking you to do the same again, but now you're on a higher difficulty level.

    (Which perhaps might be a design flaw in the game – once you defeat the final boss, you feel strong and mighty. So to then kind of "reset" that back to "you're weak again… but on the next difficulty level" in such an overly-harsh manner is not well thought out, for its demoralising influence. Obviously, it should be harder, but so much so that it's akin to starting the game all over again from scratch?)

  • Crow 12 months ago

    Rythian, a few tips, shields are really overpowered if you can get the timing it reflects their attack and stuns them, also you should be using your equipment more, projectiles and grenades are great for killing without taking damage. i found the necromancy+turret/crossb-o-mattic combo to be very helpful if your low on health, just go near a group of enemies pop them down and watch them die, I've gone from 2hp to full health with this trick. Hope you find this useful


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