Rythian – Dead Cells – Guaranteed Victory, Part II


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Published on December 5, 2018 by

Coola kläder!

Dead Cells is a roguevania – half roguelike, half metroidvania. I awaken as some sort of weird alchemical experiment, and with no real explanation, I start exploring the world, picking up weapons, powers, and magic along the way.

● Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwLLDunYNFY&index=2&list=PLGr99HIJUZkU602VuOom4EBfTReUBwnaG
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  • Jonathan McInnes 5 months ago

    Awwww only 16 minutes, sadness, this is my very favorite series atm though.

  • Skofa Feck 5 months ago

    Unofficial Rythian Fan Discord Server: https://discord.gg/HedrHuA

    btw, i'm loving these Dead Cells vids Rythian, keep up the great work dude 😀

  • bluedeath252 5 months ago

    Ryht you gotta start getting necromancy every kill will heal you and considering you like killing or at the very least attacking everything you see it will help a lot

  • Ironclad Guildhand 5 months ago

    Hunter Master Race! Cayde lives in death!

  • Pierce Arner 5 months ago

    You definitely need to start utilizing your skills, and not relying solely on your weapons. Always make sure that you're throwing down the Crossbow-matic and the Wolf Traps on cooldown as soon as they're available. Those skills in particular will help you out enormously if you take advantage of them properly, because that combination specifically lets you play a bit more cautiously, and deal with foes on locations above or below you as you fight other enemies.

  • cadburybunny 5 months ago

    Seconded! Necromancy is a life saver if you like running with shooter skills. Let them kill and heal from afar 😛

  • ScDK 5 months ago

    I see that crossbow really didn't work out in your favor after all. Unless it gets upgraded with piercing shots, you'll always be better off with frost blast, as cheesy as that strat is.

    Also, while rushing is bad, consider ignoring more-or-less pointless battles against enemies that cannot chase after you (the big worms, scorpions, etc) unless you have Necromancy as one of your perks and need the potential healing it gives.
    Especially when the bleeping mushrooms are nearby. It's simply not worth fighting anything in their vicinity unless you know you can get safely out of the AoE every time.

  • KirbYyY 5 months ago

    needs gold
    doesn't sell previous amulet for 950

  • Beast Boy 5 months ago

    I thought for sure you would die based on the length of this video, but you proved me wrong! Nice job surviving!

  • KlaxonCow 5 months ago

    Well, you couldn't have known ahead of time and had to give it a go, but that ice crossbow definitely wasn't worth giving up the frost blast for.

    To be frank, the frost blast is so powerful, it would, indeed, take one hell of a weapon to ever make the trade worth it.

  • sonofhades57 5 months ago

    That dig at Fallout 76 made me snicker more than it should have. Also, Necromancy is an excellent mutation. You receive HP from kills by any source without compromising your durability, which is a lifesaver in longer runs.

  • nonimport ante 5 months ago

    i bet the wall jump is behind the time door in the toxic sewer

  • FoxKami 5 months ago

    you can roll or walk a bit between attacks with combo weapons, come on Rythian get some style


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