Rythian – Dead Cells – Journey, Part III


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Published on October 12, 2018 by

Coola kläder!

Dead Cells is a roguevania – half roguelike, half metroidvania. I awaken as some sort of weird alchemical experiment, and with no real explanation, I start exploring the world, picking up weapons, powers, and magic along the way.

● Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwLLDunYNFY&index=2&list=PLGr99HIJUZkU602VuOom4EBfTReUBwnaG
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  • Spoon Man 1 year ago

    there is a spoon…and he is me! really enjoying dead cells tho man. rythGGWP on getting so far this run. keep it up man.

  • KlaxonCow 1 year ago

    5:39 "Too… much… darkness!"

    The William Shatner school of melodrama there.

  • Will T 1 year ago

    Dang, man, you are seriously good at boss fights!

  • Cawthorne 1 year ago

    I felt like I was mentally screaming when he almost decided to go explore in the dark instead of saving his items and moving on… That could've ended so badly. I think if it was me playing I'd be in a rush to save my progress by going to the next area (even though I realise I'd have a worse chance at getting far since I wouldn't pick up as many items)

  • tempname 123 1 year ago

    Watching all vids, and also playing two separate profiles on PC myself. ONE MUST NEVER FORGET THAT ONE HAD wolf TRAP AS WELLL….AND SHIELD…. KEEP USING ALL WEAPONRY MY FRIEND!

  • Twilight Dawns 1 year ago

    That was a cool boss fight

  • DreamblitzX 1 year ago

    Awesome run! High peak castle is my record too on the runs I've played, and I feel like it might be the last area

  • sonofhades57 1 year ago

    You remember back in the day when the Forgotten Sepulcher was a death sentence because your health would drain in a few seconds when the darkness encroached upon you? Beta memories aside, you're really kicking ass on this run, Rythian. I might well pick up this game for myself in the future after I crank out more of my backlog.

  • 3dtoni 1 year ago

    Lol I love the floundering at the end. You lasted longer than I did my first time to High Peak, I think I died in less than a minute. If your gonna make it to the high castle consistently then upgrade that flask. Also stop room clearing in High Peak Castle, or you will die every time (that is unless you become and boss ass player which at this rate you will)… also you passed the upgrade at some point ;P unless you're cell farming you dont need to fight every enemy lol

  • BlackDemon05 1 year ago

    Just wanna let you know, I am still enjoying this playthrough!

  • buckwheatcat216 1 year ago

    6:22 "i feel like i should keep taking survival scrolls" you are right but not for the hp .Your broadsword is/was glowing green with the survival aspect at this pt ,so it is getting stronger the more green scrolls u grab , choosing might/tactics at this pt will make it relatively weaker

    u have been infected by the malaise was the 2nd bar(that castle elite did it on hit as part of the required progress this zone) , its ___ oh dear gods thats horrific (the blank is a blank because story spoiler) game-play mechanic wise when the bar fills u start die-ing immediately unless healed

  • Kaen the Black 1 year ago

    That was a beautiful run, Rythian. You completely exceeded my expectations there, man. I was for sure convinced you'd die in the Sepulcher, but you persisted. Then I saw the Time Keeper and said "This is it for this run" and yet you overcame her. I think it's a her anyways. The High Peak Castle is full of enemies you have never seen, and they are crazy strong. I'm sure you'll clear that someday. Hope we get that on camera! Hope to see your next run soon!

    For the recond, I have neither played this game nor spoiled anything about it since I kinda want to discover it alongside you. I'd say try going to the Toxic Sewers, or other areas you have not managed to clear before and see if there's runes at the end, maybe? The double jump or triangle jump rune should not be that far away since so many levels seem to account for it.


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