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Published on February 10, 2019 by

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Dead Cells is a roguevania – half roguelike, half metroidvania. I awaken as some sort of weird alchemical experiment, and with no real explanation, I start exploring the world, picking up weapons, powers, and magic along the way.

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  • Eric Cattanach 6 months ago


  • Eric Cattanach 6 months ago


  • Eric Cattanach 6 months ago


  • Tasiris 6 months ago

    Here's some tips:


    The paid doors can be broken (though it does give you a curse)

    Your detachable head thing is invincible, can grab items and deals continuous damage.

    I'm glad that you're starting to learn shields, as they become more and more necessary as time goes on.

    Weapons with long wind ups tend to get you killed, but if you carry a faster weapon in your second slot you should be alright.


    The Heavy Crossbow is basically a shotgun, and will typically chew through bosses (15 shots on the concierge I believe, but don't quote me on that). It does have a long wind up time though.

    Bow and endless quiver is exactly what it sounds like. A regular bow, but you don't have to worry about running out of arrows. It's decent.

    The impaler is extremely fast at attacking, has a good range and knocks enemies back. The crit when against a wall is great too, especially when in tight areas. Would recommend.

    Ice Shard is just firebrands with freezing instead of fire (No, the effect doesn't even spread like with firebrands). I wouldn't recommend it.

    Assasins dagger tends to work great with freezing or wolf trap, as every hit deals a crit if you're behind the enemy. It's pretty good, but whether you like it or not is personal preference in the end.

    Definitely recommend magnetic grenade. It pulls all enemies towards it and deals damage while doing so. Especially good when combined with other grenades.

    Nerves of steel is meh. It crits if you shoot when the bow flashes, and that's about every second. It's not really great, considering that you're vulnerable while trying to time your shot.

  • MalaRhynn 6 months ago

    I do appreciate you roughing it out and learning shields, though.

  • MrBaoomTheFirst 6 months ago

    I can not stand watching people be bad, I do not have a problem seeing people grow however. Keep at it Rythian! It's really nice to see someone actually learning how to play a game for a change!

  • Tabassum Chowdhury 6 months ago

    "I could use some damage." Selects Brutality which gives him no extra damage with his current weapons as they are all currently on survival xd. Love you Rythian, great to see you finally try the shields.

  • Sage Beasley 6 months ago

    6:03 You say "I could use some damage" as you take a red scroll, but your main damaging items were green scaling.

  • Duncan Hooper 6 months ago

    Love how you play games dude! This game has an awesome soundtrack too!

  • Conga 6 months ago

    Well, I wanted to be prepared for college today but..

  • Sage Beasley 6 months ago

    So good to see you practicing like this! Pro tip- the "cooldown" on parrying is instantly reset after a parry, so if you have a lot of attacks coming your way, you will be able to parry all of them provided you at least land the first one.
    As you may have noticed, the assault shield is great! Parrying with it is pretty easy, and if you miss a parry by trying too early the shield will interrupt any incoming attacks anyways when you charge into the enemies. You were actually parrying with it more than you thought as well!

  • Sage Beasley 6 months ago

    At 17:10 you pass a challenge rift in the floor. It's got a new texture as of the most recent update and now looks like a glowing blue eye.

  • Deadline 357 6 months ago

    Glad to see you learn, you'll get there eventually, just don't give up.

  • TurtleCube 6 months ago

    This makes me consider trying shields, usually bows are my main weapon.

  • DreamblitzX 6 months ago

    It's fine for practicing to get used to timing and whatnot, but IMO an easy mistake to make when you're focusing on parrying is to "wait" for attacks. it's just asking to screw up. you can interrupt your attacks with a parry at basically no delay, so it's best to basically watch the enemies as you attack them, and weave the parries into your attack combos to stop their attacks instead of stopping your attacks and dodging/moving away

  • Lucas Stinson 6 months ago

    Pro Tips:
    1. Damage is more important than health. Pick items that share the same color, and commit yourself to that color, pick items and mutations that all have that color (This excludes items like frost blast and stun grenade since you really don't use for damage). When picking scrolls, always pick that color unless you can't, than choose the one that gives you the most health.
    2. Fully explore each map, and try to get the no damage door, it will set you up with better items and more cells
    3. Grind out the forge to get all items +, it does not take a huge amount of time and makes all your items better
    4. Try not to drink health potion unless you absolutely have to, this will improve your instincts for the later boss cells as you have no refills after levels

    These are all the things I started doing and I vastly improved, m favorite build that I won both 1 and 2 cells is Nerves of Steel/Punishment/Powerful Grenade x2/Necromancy/(Bonus damage on health on parry, I forget the names) with lots of green scrolls

  • David Bond 6 months ago

    This is one reason i love rythian, when things get tough, he gets tougher

  • Manny11701 6 months ago

    Hey rythian, there's a youtuber called doc firebird who's definitely worth checking out for tips and tricks

  • Michiel Dhont 6 months ago

    qol tip down smash to kill hanging bats

  • Matthew 6 months ago

    I appreciate you giving it your best efforts

  • Daniel Linder 6 months ago

    Awesome playthrough Rythian. For me, I always go for the cursed chest since it will give me a scroll and in worst case money which is very important, the more bess cells you have 🙂

  • Master Ofu 6 months ago

    17:43 You could say… you are the one who blocks!


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