Rythian – Final Fantasy X HD Remaster – Protect the Chocobos! (#16)


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Published on May 31, 2016 by

Final Fantasy X is finally out on PC. The original game came out for the PS2 in Europe back in 2002, and now 14 years later I can finally play it on the PC, looking better than ever. It’s going to be a long series. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I. Let’s go!

● Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzLmmVnrrpI&index=1&list=PLGr99HIJUZkWGU54zsmRdKDa0BDAP40Oa
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  • adam connell 4 years ago

    it still annoys me that every time a character has a one word line it's sped up like when yuna says okay

  • Masterle 4 years ago

    What's a maester ?

  • Leah Jones 4 years ago

    Is Al Bhed a real language or just made up just for this game?

  • Someguyhere111 4 years ago

    10,000 gil gives you a Moon Ring which I believe has SOS-Protect and SOS-Shell.

  • Samuel Wilde 4 years ago

    How can haste be even more powerful when last episode I proved it had infinite value

  • Nick Currie 4 years ago

    That chocobo music is so upbeat. I love it.

  • Docterwarfare 4 years ago

    same I NEVER use items I don't know why

  • I'm Sorry Bailey 4 years ago

    You should try and speak al bhed for a whole episode!

  • Veilder 4 years ago

    Haha, I love how you walked right by that chocobo feather right when you said you needed to not miss any chocobo feathers! I was yelling at the screen til you walked back for it! XD

  • Ian Pulanco 4 years ago

    Why is there no sheet music for this Chocobo song!?

  • eurodraco 4 years ago

    What a coincidence that he would mention the Chocobo feathers the moment he walks right past one.

  • ArchAIngel 4 years ago

    Something tells me collecting tons of evil monsters in one place will end badly.

  • Valentin Cantu 4 years ago

    does anyone else think that auron looks like lewis?

  • Goldenprata Claw 4 years ago

    Did the Chocobo Eater fart a Blizzard at Tidus?

  • CardinalPiggles 4 years ago

    "Need to make sure I keep an eye out for feathers"

    Proceeds to walk straight past it haha.

  • JdBassTPT 4 years ago

    I'm currently playing this right now and I have no clue where to take Kimahri on the Sphere Grid. Any suggestions?

  • Zackary Wilkinson 4 years ago

    I've never played this game so I have no idea what happens but everything about this seymour guy screams "I'm evil and I have a long convoluted plan that will later screw you over"

  • DreamblitzX 4 years ago

    that mika impression at the start somehow felt pretty racist

  • Zarkaylia 4 years ago

    I played the game 3 times but I love this, keep it up! Very interesting to see how Rythian does it in comparizon to myself. With other words his skillz versus my n00bness.

  • narutokazok 4 years ago

    Gonna be honest, kinda forgot that this is a playthrough and got a bit startled when i heard rythian's voice 5 and a half minutes into the video.

  • tape4684 4 years ago

    Hahaha it looks like he's farting blizzard at them.

  • ratchet qwark 4 years ago

    wery honourable! lol

  • Zap Gun 4 years ago

    That chocobo eating fiend reminded me of a Rancor.


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