Rythian – Final Fantasy X HD Remaster – Towards the Command Center (#17)


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Published on June 1, 2016 by

Final Fantasy X is finally out on PC. The original game came out for the PS2 in Europe back in 2002, and now 14 years later I can finally play it on the PC, looking better than ever. It’s going to be a long series. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I. Let’s go!

● Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzLmmVnrrpI&index=1&list=PLGr99HIJUZkWGU54zsmRdKDa0BDAP40Oa
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  • Daedric Gaming 4 years ago


  • Daedric Gaming 4 years ago

    also big fan rithyen

  • rusyaidi musa 4 years ago

    I remember the time when I grinded so hard, I got Blitz Ace by the time I reached Mushroom Rock.

    You fail me, Rythian.

  • Critterbot 4 years ago

    21:58 Missed a chest.

  • Victoria Telling 4 years ago

    I was never able to complete this game as a kid, always got stuck with a boss I can't remember. (As a kid I didn't know you had to grind) I'm glad youre making the playthrough so I can get to experience the whole story now, so thank you Rhythian.

  • TheGamePlayer 4 years ago

    Wheres Hitman? It was updated

  • Masterle 4 years ago

    You missed a chest :p 22:00 it was right next to your right…

  • Sanca 4 years ago

    each character gains new overdrives in a different way, Tidus is by using them, Wakka is from Blitzball, Lulu gets them when she learns spells as you've said, Yuna gets them when she gets new aeons, Kimari learns them from fiends as the tutorial on Kilika showed, Auron you need to find items, and Rikku is experimentation.

  • Sander Jansen 4 years ago

    Im playing the game aswell myself, Im around the bit he is and every time i watch his videos im like grabing my controller unintentionally and after a cutcene im pressing the stick forwards to walk and ask myself why Tidus isnt moving XD

  • Rax0r_Gaming 4 years ago

    Serious comment first for seriuosness: Love the series and keep them coming fast! GO TEAM BÖRJE!!!

    Less serious comment for luls: I just love it when you finish a fight with Lulu because of the way she jiggles her…. ummm… Cactuar ?? :O

  • Joe James 4 years ago

    They updated hitman and added a new level
    Will you play it?

  • Jay Dee 4 years ago

    Keep up the good work Rythian! Loving your playthrough!

  • Slaschur 4 years ago

    Blizard… Sounds like another Boddypen to me.

  • TeaHub 4 years ago

    As much as I like the fights in this game, I feel like they happen a little too often.

  • IAmBlink 4 years ago

    You would think water would be effective to the fire elementals more than blizzard

  • Erica Heathrow 4 years ago

    Rythian, In this vid you mentioned some uncertainty on how you acquire new overdrives, so here's a quick reminder:

    Tidus: use his existing ones; eight spiral cuts will unlock the second level overdrive, 16 more of the level one and 2 (cumulatively), will unlock the level 3 etc.
    Auron: Finding the 10 story spheres (not naming them properly, for spoilers, in case of new watchers), so you can only start getting his new ODs, after a certain boss.
    Wakka: Blitzball, as you know.
    Khimari: Lancets (Remember that you can pick up a large handful of different ones if you've missed them, from a particular boss fight later on)
    LuLu: Can fury any black magic she knows.
    Yuna: Grand summon never changes.
    Rikku: All mix combinations are unlocked from the beginning, you've just got to know the items to use ^.^

  • Ivan Will Ching 4 years ago

    When Rythian said "Pray's free" at first I heard "Praise be" and just thought wat.

  • Island beast 4 years ago

    Lulu reminds me of Amy Winehouse

  • Santova 4 years ago

    Rhythian you started with the nun-x spells in yunas tree if I remember, but you never use here to stop yourself from having to "eat a fire" as you say- is it just not worth time because they don't really pose a risk at this point? Or am i missing something?

  • DreamblitzX 4 years ago

    I wish for your sake that these got more views because this is great

  • Stranglethroat 4 years ago

    Missed chest

  • Dragoncrent 4 years ago

    "Then pretend you didn't see them."
    The only thing I like about Seymour. lol

  • Dragoncrent 4 years ago

    I would say to cut out simple battles with repeated enemies. Show the first few of an area, but after a few, simply show the end of them. Battles with new enemies and/or horribly unexpected situations should be shown.
    Just what I would do. Whatever happens will still be good.

  • rugludallur7 4 years ago

    thunder flan? are you telling me someone managed to weaponize my desert?

  • Anthony Schlessman 4 years ago

    i dont really trust mr. varicose and spider veins face

  • N94able 4 years ago

    having never played this game I bet money seymors the villain


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