Rythian – Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain – Blackrock Spire: Class Challenges


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Published on April 23, 2015 by

Blackrock Mountain is the second single-player content add-on to Hearthstone! This time we’re invading the titular Blackrock Mountain, home of Dark Iron Dwarves, Dragons, Firelords and crazy alchemical experiments. Into Blackrock Spire we go… We’re revisiting Drakkisath and Rend Blackhand in the Priest and Druid class challenges!

● Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYnxFjReMIk&index=21&list=PLGr99HIJUZkVKsev0yQWtNTo_bNwNP6k5
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  • Sanguine M 6 years ago

    All of the opportunities when you could have summoned the Volcanic Lumberer…

  • Ben August 6 years ago

    should I get Naxx or Blackrock?

  • Lord Drago of Kronstadt 6 years ago

    this is going straight to hell if you split Hearthstone in so many videos and you upload one/day, you are already falling behind with the blackrock stuff and the good series (warcraft/max payne) gets delayed way too much, you are doing great otherwise 😀

  • Grant Ross 6 years ago

    he could have gotten the lumberer out on turn five 🙁

  • Ben Dover 6 years ago

    For my first time with Blackhand I used a druid and kept overloading his hand with cards, it was pretty great 😀

  • LaGranse 6 years ago

    Imagines 5 3/1 wisps without charge.

  • Master Ofu 6 years ago

    You didn't miss lethal! I'm so proud!

  • TheCrystalconman 6 years ago

    Rythian as an old school WoW player here is a hypothetical, if Blizzard decided on adding new classes to Hearthstone what classes would you like to see and what would you use as there hero power?

  • ratchet qwark 6 years ago

    why no heroic matches?

  • BobT36 6 years ago

    Heh, Drakkisath is fucking INFURIATING on heroic. Took me ages

  • OdaiNekromos 6 years ago

    You should add an echo to your "priest and druid class challenges" that would have been a nice intro 😀

  • K0REANSPREE 6 years ago

    ha! rythian saying that a bad play was made, how ironic

  • Benjamin Disco 6 years ago

    what is this dogshit?

  • sirdonaldthecool 6 years ago

    Play minecraft no storey plz #minecraft back

  • wasteland survivor 2099 6 years ago

    Rythian bring back Blackrock Chronicle PLEASSSSEEE!!!

  • CountryMusicMann 5 years ago

    Red dragons are usually good guys? Funny, I'm reading Dragonlance, and red dragons are the opposite.


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