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Blackrock Mountain is the second single-player content add-on to Hearthstone! This time we’re invading the titular Blackrock Mountain, home of Dark Iron Dwarves, Dragons, Firelords and crazy alchemical experiments. Nefarian is hiding in Blackwing Lair, and we’re coming after him. Time to go up against one of Nefarian’s “greatest experiements” – Chromaggus!

● Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYnxFjReMIk&index=21&list=PLGr99HIJUZkVKsev0yQWtNTo_bNwNP6k5
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  • Snabkol 5 years ago

    Love u rythian (I'm not homosexual) Can we play sometime?
    That whould be amazing 🙂 keep up your good work

  • Miwa 5 years ago

    The ingame sound could be a little bit louder.

  • Demonicpurity 5 years ago

    *Golf clap

  • flangalang1 5 years ago

    spelt experiment wrong in the description.   jus sayin'

  • BobT36 5 years ago

    Heh, I thought you were done for when you wasted those frostbolts!

  • Primo 5 years ago

    gg wp fatigue 2op

  • Skeletony 5 years ago

    rythian i can take one fatigue win… but two? is that what u did in WoW huh? you waited until all his minions were dead then u waited until he died of boredom cuzur so lame? huh punk!!!!
    jk i lovs ur vid man keep up the… work and um… good luck with the big guy… y'know who im talking about. just know that old ragface has got ur back….  🙂

    ragface is not me, its um, neptulons and alakirs bro the uh, well um f.. f- fi… um water no air no earth wtf no no no um oh wait gtg g'day!!

  • Gentleman Man 5 years ago

    I wonder just how good lorewalker cho would be against this guy

  • CreepsoPlays 5 years ago

    Heroic Chro is a dick head. Heads… Only just beat him XD

  • Kellby Benson 5 years ago

    Wow, that savagery misplay.

  • E Höjer 5 years ago

    dicks were ripped

  • incognito666z 5 years ago

    that deck is gayer then elton john…

  • kellen liame 5 years ago

    the true power of the spellslinger deck: fatigue

  • Andrew Baez 5 years ago

    Rhythain I know this is maybe off topic but can you tell me when you put your skin in minecraft black rock chronicles what website did you use?

  • ThatGuy777 5 years ago

    Lol Derp Chromaggus moments for the win.

  • Snowppy 5 years ago

    Rythian, can you record heroic boss fights. Everybody is supposed to be able to beat the bosses on normal (so they can get the cards) and fatiguing bosses on normal is just bad.

  • Xero Frisko 5 years ago

    I enjoy watching you do these adventures… but so far this week you've fatigued 2/3 fight… feels kinda of cheap. 🙁 I'd rather you kill them than sit around and wait for them to die. 🙁

  • D0kt0rAwesome 5 years ago

    I ripped my dick off.

  • Baeron Bubba 5 years ago

    8:34, Rythian made….. such a huge error…. I cannot describe it. Well actually, I can.
    Pushing down to prevent a bit of spoilage.

    Alexstrasa to the ENEMY — 15 health left. – 2 strikes to the FACE 16 health + 8 armor = 7 health left… 2 ice block to absorb all minion damage….. fatal blow.
    Instead.. he literally chose to die by wasting Alxestraza's attacks on the minions AND his own health pool, while the ice block was already in play. >___<
    If it wasn't for… "that ending" he wouldn't have succeeded.

  • spikelilgirl 5 years ago

    Cool, a nail biter match!

  • Sindre Herstad 5 years ago

    OMG! Wat a clutch XD

  • Ender Minn 5 years ago

    My Dick… is… so… ripped  >:$

  • CountryMusicMann 5 years ago

    Rythian, seriously! If you don't know if a card counts as a spell, it says on the bottom!

  • Sadie Baker 5 years ago

    Pure luck haha good game!


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