Rythian – Starcraft II: Nova Covert Ops #2 – Death From Above


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Published on April 9, 2016 by

Welcome back to more Starcraft II! This time, let’s play Nova Covert Ops, the first of hopefully many single-player mission packs. I take on the role of Nova, the Dominion’s deadliest and most skilled ghost! But things aren’t as they seem…

● Nova Covert Ops Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-UY0B9nT9Q&list=PLGr99HIJUZkUGN5SxCrqll6wtbGd7W7zU&index=1
● SC II Wings of Liberty Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4hkERDmUf0&index=1&list=PLGr99HIJUZkUi7Dell3_3_Rkdt_VgT_Gu
● SC II Heart of the Swarm Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bTindpFB2M&list=PLGr99HIJUZkWn1p9KMLfQoZzoQucpikcX&index=1
● SC II Legacy of the Void Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4i4seTsJS5I&index=1&list=PLGr99HIJUZkVSVO7s167ubQk8IJPNUIDp
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  • lkjfdsaofmc 6 years ago

    what no first yet? i cry… good on you all

  • MasterofMimics 6 years ago

    Rythian you should play atlas reactor. its like XCOM 2 but 4v4 matches

  • Aaron Thi 6 years ago

    Thank you Rythian for your amazing content

  • southpark259 6 years ago

    play Minecraft with zoey again please!!

  • ATH31909 6 years ago

    Did he miss one of the equipment pieces?

  • ATH31909 6 years ago

    I don't think that Rythian noticed that the shotgun can't attack aerial targets.

  • coolman's Kappa army 6 years ago

    why would the zerg decide to attack ? , they were told by their queen to stay in their planet that they own :I

  • Sean Kim 6 years ago

    I would like to tell everyone that the zerg aren't controlled by Kerrigan, but by Zagara…….who for some reason wants to kill everything…………yeah………..

  • TF2PNub 6 years ago

    I watched the entirety of the first mission pack on another channel, and I gotta say, watching someone who has no idea how to turtle as a Terran compared to you, who does, is really interesting.

  • Jonathan Faber 6 years ago

    is Nova gonna unlock any sweet psi powers? since she is a Psi unit, a hero Psi unit at that, and ghosts are chosen specifically because they are psionic AND she had the same psionic aptitude as Kerrigan did as a ghost

  • DarkVadekGaming 6 years ago

    Rythian, their pat was shown on the minimap. Rookie mistake. Also, you had some of your civilians killed. Shame on you!

  • Tepacana 6 years ago

    14:34 Bless you, Rythian.

  • Bobracha 6 years ago

    the dick-ripping is pretty hard in this episode

  • Dragon Tamer 6 years ago

    Why do they want nova so badly? Its not like shes an elite unit of destruction or anything.

  • Gorbz 6 years ago

    Why do the Defenders of Man want Nova so badly?  It might have something to do with her being the deadliest Ghost out there at the moment, and the fact that she's been working for them for months under some form of indoctination

  • Jacopo Siniscalco 6 years ago

    Why was the protoss soundtrack (attack on korhal) playing in the background?

  • TheOtherBlue 6 years ago

    Sorry I didn't comment on the first video, but I am pretty excited for more of this series~! Hooray!

  • maxw1986 6 years ago

    Very much enjoying your return to Starcraft. Keep it up.

  • I'm here Or am I 6 years ago

    Dat sneeze though

  • Lliam Davis 6 years ago

    The whole Agent thing, reminds me of Project Freelancer…

  • jake luck 6 years ago

    What does the q ability do with the shotgun? I didn't see you use it at all.

  • incurser 6 years ago

    This reminds me of halo wars

  • Render Zel 6 years ago

    10:40 Rythian you brought 4 of your scvs on a death mission.

  • Atthewmay Eohanekay 6 years ago

    Obviously they want to brainwash Nova, it's a pretty common plan of Starcraft 2 antagonists; Mengsk, Amon, those lovely individuals.

  • Baeron Bubba 6 years ago

    Defenders of Man… they're probably using those Zerg Mind Control units to send controlled Zerg attacks against planets, then coming in with the right equipment to wipe them out for glory.

  • PeashooterVince 6 years ago

    I don't know why but nova looks a little off for some reason and I have no idea why.

  • spikelilgirl 6 years ago

    14:34  Bless you!  I was glad to see Matt again, but Hall is such a worry wart.  Nova had it covered!

  • Michael Meijerhof 6 years ago

    Are the defiler units from a previous starcraft game?

  • Ultramarinus247 6 years ago

    Actually marauders (packed in bunkers all over the cliffs) are the best unit to actually DEFEND the base. Reapers are great to bother the lighter attacs, but against brutalisk, or ultralisks, or anything coveted by defilers – they close to useless.

  • Zanar Naryon 6 years ago

    Swann is the new nickname guy of Starcraft
    Nova – Ace
    Artanis – Skippy
    James Eugene Raynor – Cowboy

  • kineticenrage198 6 years ago

    Nova got dat ass.

  • NightAuror 6 years ago

    This is quite cool, actually

  • ReinelAntonio JuradoMariano 6 years ago

    if they want nova I want nova

  • Veryoriginallongname thatitotallythoughtof 6 years ago

    Yk what this means?
    We Might get an Abathur mission pack

  • Scinnybros 6 years ago

    is it me or does hall sound like Asaaj Ventress from Star Wars

  • XMokuMundoX 5 years ago

    Just me or are the jumpers using lines from SC1 bikers when planting mines?

  • Valentin Cantu 5 years ago

    thank you rythian for uploading these videos I've always liked the star craft lore but for the life of me I can't play these kinds of games

  • Widowmaker FAN 4 years ago

    He is back LADIES! ;D


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