Rythian – Warcraft III Reign of Chaos: Night Elf Campaign #5 – Brothers in Blood


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Blizzard’s Warcraft III is the game that started it all! Without this, we would have no MOBA genre, a much smaller MMO genre, and not to mention its influence on the RTS genre. This game is legendary, and it also happens to be one of my favorites. Released in 2002, it tells the stories of Thrall, Arthas, Jaina and Illidan among others, and sets the stage for everything to come in the future. Join me for a blast from the past as we play through the campaigns from start to finish!

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  • Dragonofelder 5 years ago


  • Rivers 5 years ago

    You dont say?

  • Jihiro Takeshi 5 years ago

    Ishnu dal dieb kuya Rythian and thanks for more Warcraft!

  • Rachel B 5 years ago

    this mission always gave me trouble. It's annoying… I think I only ever beat it once, and I have no idea how I did it.

  • ruimte_eend 5 years ago


  • CasualAgressor 5 years ago

    All these time shenanigans makes me feel like I'm in Homestuck

  • Ellanion 5 years ago

    Soooo happy you finally turned on autocast on Tyrande. I was dying.

  • Yarox Nova 5 years ago

    Future Rythian? Confirmed time cop villain… or will be confirmed. Was confirmed? I don't know, just "like" the video.

  • Thomas Benedek 5 years ago

    why was illidan in the prison in the first place? i dident get that, tell me/ us next time? and i dont know why but i found the cds and everythin i bougth of warcraft 3 and i dont get the same missions…. love the series 😀 fans from norway 😀

  • hoyl700 5 years ago

    hey Rythian are you going upload some dota 2?

  • NarfNarf 5 years ago

    That voice when he found the claws of attack +9 ( 24:00 )

  • Da' Beatles Burnham Road 5 years ago


  • Master Ofu 5 years ago

    Future Rythian, what are the winning numbers in tomorrow's lottery?

  • DemonChi 5 years ago


  • DarkFox Dev 5 years ago

    honestly i have to say tyrande is an idiot. she is pointlessly hostile and aggressive and seems to see diplomacy as that which gets in the way of her shooting people, even her own people it would seem. i cannot for the life of me understand why malfurion likes, let alone loves her. but with that in mind the watchers are even crazier. she's barely in the door and they are immediately trying to kill her without giving or requesting an explanation.
    to remind everyone tyrande is the high priestess of elune, equal to malfurion in rank and de facto leader of the night elves since cenarius died, basically they're trying to kill their reigning political leader. i checked the backstory and when maeiv was declared a warden and founded the watchers she answered only to one person, guess who. that's right Tyrande freakin Whisperwind. so they're trying to kill the person who not only leads the night elves but has every right to tell them to release illidan and disband. and people wonder why maeiv is seen as a villain. it's because she's nuts (and presumably picking up groceries during this scene as she never appears)

  • weemist 5 years ago

    That panda got me.. never knew there was that "easter egg"

  • ishouldgetalif3 5 years ago

    Loki the Wolf? shouldn't it be he's son Fenrir? i mean he was literally depicted as a Wolf like monster.

  • Origulator 5 years ago

    Illidan's dagger things have panda faces on them.

  • Riael Kratek 5 years ago

    Damned tree huggers XD

  • Jan Thiele 5 years ago

    Rythian, are you going to show us how you play DotA 1?

  • Deolrin 5 years ago

    Rythian, the friendly Night Elf forces you found were probably other condemned prisoners. Tryande is basically doing a prison raid. Not sure why none of the Wardens are actually commenting or trying to talk to the rampaging Priestess of the Moon though…

  • Ansar Akbar 5 years ago

    what happened to panda!
    hes ginormous!

  • Casey Caudill 5 years ago

    n their the size of a human man's hand and in the ba

  • Logan Rood 5 years ago

    When rythian found the intelligence he figured hey healing wards are better

  • Gio Godfrey Casanova 5 years ago

    24:01 Claws of attack plus NUUUUUUUUIIIIIINEEEEEEEEE? WUUUUUUUHAAAAAAAAT? LMAO cant stop laughing

  • ackbarfan5556 5 years ago

    Saw the panda. Screamed "PO! WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN EATING!?!

  • ƒurriPlay Chocobro 5 years ago

    Rythian: It's A Trap. Who Saw That Coming? Everyone
    Me: Even Admiral Akbar saw it coming

  • Rivlien 5 years ago

    Elves, or well, female ones, keep proving to me that they are completely nuts. Killing, arguing, genociding settlers, freeing demons.. Geez.

  • 李晓 5 years ago

    Just hating the damned hypocritical MAFURION and feeling the pity of the choice of Tyrande marrying the Mafurion which is the asshole.

  • Aello johalo 4 years ago

    At 22:01 the "mushrooms" are in fact trees and can be removed by Malfurion's Force Of Nature ability as it removes the trees and replaces it with Treants.

  • Alphaix Storm 4 years ago

    Rythian you can be The Pantheon Norgannon's Yogacast version, but not secretive or anything

  • Alphaix Storm 4 years ago

    No! The main quest is completed. THE RING OF REGEN, THE RING OF REGEN!!!

  • BoostedCars 73 4 years ago

    The Voice of the Prophet is also Raziel in the Legacy Of Kain series.

  • kingpinlaker 4 years ago

    say what about spiders?

  • Kiriaye 3 years ago

    Haha i loved the horn imitation. Overall this playthrough is really fun to watch!

  • XXLPIakat 3 years ago

    Considering the latest expansions in World of Warcraft. It was by far the best choice Tyrande has done.

  • Immagonko 3 years ago

    I fucking hate Tyrande, stupid whore


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