samesonite – Battlefield 1 Beta Live Gameplay Connect Servers


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Published on September 2, 2016 by

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“Please note this is an unofficial video and is not endorsed by EA or DICE in any way. For more information on Battlefield, please visit”

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Battlefield 1 is a really cool game and I really like riding horses! Although there was some issues with connecting to the servers but this has been fixed.

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  • Master 173 5 years ago

    why people play battle field a lot now

  • Master 173 5 years ago

    is it a new game

  • Fluffy Wagn AKA Earthy 5 years ago

    Yay! More BF1!

  • lloony 5 years ago

    What are yor PC specs? Im looking to buy this game when it comes out but i dont know if I can run it.

  • Niels Okking 5 years ago

    You should edit som more before uploading. Just an advice.

  • Sotha Sil 5 years ago

    For me one of the best things of this game from the historical point is to see how they have modificate weapons, uniforms, tanto ecc…I love this game yet only for this…

  • serkan ilhan 5 years ago

    Öyle sokarız size

  • 송해성 5 years ago

    you might not be a best battlefield 1 user, but it was one of the most interesting BF1 video in youtube. 'cuz all BF video you can find in the youtube is soldiers running and jumping around like a fucking ten years old. I know that is how it's meant to be played but you know, it's not immersive.

  • Fly 5 years ago

    Se te nota que no has jugado a battlelfield en la vida jaja

  • Bramblestar Gaming 5 years ago

    This game is amazing and I really want to play it, but do the have it for Xbox One?

  • Mangles Thecat 5 years ago

    looks great… problems is, people will turn down the graphics and the weather to gain an advantage leaving us hardcore gamers to become cannonfodder because we can't see shit.

  • Thuoc bui thi 5 years ago

    bạn có hiểu tiếng việt không

  • cybersasho 5 years ago

    battlefield 1942 (secret weapons) was the best one

  • Ilia Bobkin 5 years ago

    Samesonite, it'll be better for you to just continue playing Attila Total War, 'cause you're really the worst player I have ever seen and you know neither the war tactics (from the very beginning "how to survive") nor game tactics. Stop doing it, don't make my eyes bleeding.


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