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Published on December 23, 2016 by

Clickbait much. But hey, it’s true. My life is clickbait I guess.

Goldieblox’s YouTube channel:



Music from Youtube Audio Library and Trey Xavier ?


  • David Reddig 3 years ago

    The advertisers who were butt hurt over the dog poop joke are only mad because the TRUTH HURTS!

  • burnedbysound 3 years ago

    YOU are absolutely charming

  • STRYKA FPV 3 years ago

    the sponsors couldn't handle the fun lol

  • Beckie Jane Brown 3 years ago

    I must admit, the only thing I don't like about your content, is the language. I found your videos today and I absolutely adore them, but the swearing is way too much for me.

    I do love your humour though, you've had me in hysterics tonight! <33

  • peaou 3 years ago

    cockporn. good one : )

  • Paige Knowles 3 years ago

    This video literally just forced me to subscribe. It said error error if you don't subscribe NOW the awesomesauce will overflow and fatally crash your computer!!!!!! lol

    I love this girl. She's like taking the engineer out of me amping up 10x and pouring it into a Jenna Marbles clones!!!

    PS Jenna Marbles is my spirit animal.

  • Legend 3 years ago

    I'll be your sponsor…
    I'm too desperate…

  • Eric Taylor 3 years ago

    So….ummmm. Cock porn….. Is that gay porn, or porn with male chickens? Both sound pretty kinky, but frankly, while chickens are quite good to eat, they are rather dirty birds.
    I mean, they don't call murder "fowl play" for nothing.

  • Daniel Earwicker 3 years ago

    "Your video will play after this ad." A happy ending before the story even started!

  • NSMike87 3 years ago

    Parents should absolutely have to explain to their kids when "shit" is appropriate and when it isn't, because that's the kind of thing you sign up for when you decide to procreate.

  • Pakwa Ag 3 years ago

    oh yeah cool I have patreon too.

  • Alyssa Perry 3 years ago

    Welcome to 2017…where everything is offensive, opinions don't matter, and simple disagreements turn into all out hate wars:-)

    So just sit back relax, have some ? and watch the chaos unfold…

  • Angela NIchols 3 years ago

    May be some people don't like all the cussing. I have watched 3 video's and will not watch anymore. Good luck with your potty mouth. My virgin ears are on fire.

  • pilatunes 3 years ago

    This doesn't help put money in your pocket (I'll work on that) but personally I think you are hilarious.

  • hotdrippyglass 3 years ago


  • Jack Dunbavin 3 years ago

    Haha this video was my first time watching you, subscribed at once ?

  • TheApo98 3 years ago

    just found this channel. i watched a girl make shitty robots and swear a lot. I'M IN!! so i subbed 😉

  • Adamast 3 years ago

    Two years back people were happy with 100k subs, now sponsoring patreon is a must.

  • Askar Kalykov 3 years ago

    If "dick" and "pussy" jokes are ok, why "fuck" isn't?

  • mike jeropke 3 years ago


  • LBsBro2 3 years ago

    Message To Sponsors:

    Understand, people would rather trust and get involved or even purchase from people who are brutally honest and blunt. Even if it involves swearing. Why? Cause they are who they are, they are being real, and they dont hide behind the bullshit fake play acting. Your loss in losing potential income because you cant seem to understand and relate to the reality of life.

  • Sextiva 3 years ago

    You're funny as fuck. Not as funny as me but definitely as fuck. Keep doing what you're doing, and inspiring future STEM members who like to say and do fuck.

  • realitytunnel 3 years ago

    I like it. It's like a swear-box IN FAVOUR of swearing. It's like a dream. Consider me in for a few quid.

  • Elissa 3 years ago

    I think it's good to have your fans be your sponsors because they want to see more of YOU, not just specific things.

  • Danica McCorkle 3 years ago

    I built a mini working spaceship

  • Paul Lee 3 years ago

    I laughed so hard at your dog poop joke, which is why i started donating

  • Bruce Angel 3 years ago

    Feedback: I've watched a couple of videos. Tbh I was shocked, then decided I liked the dirty. I think you're exceptionally unique, witty, charming, fun, blah, blah, blah. As a student of business I would say two things. The best censor is the self-censor. Do what you feel is right. Two, regarding advertisers, why close doors before they're open? Draw them to you. Listen. Then YOU decide. You have a bright future.

  • Ruiheng Jin 3 years ago

    I just love Simone's positive spirit

  • Flavius Aetius 3 years ago

    Stay yourself. You're an awesome chick.

  • TopTribute BandsNstuff 3 years ago

    How about stop saying bad words so kids can watch you too?
    As an adult I only enjoy humor, etc that can be funny etc without well, ya know.

  • Todd Metzger 3 years ago

    Weird, got a notification saying this was a new video…..

  • Caleb B 3 years ago

    I think you mean Cop Porn XD

  • sunflower aliens yees 3 years ago

    Oh wow, pewdiepie curses like a sailor and Simone doesn't even curse as much as him and he has 8 year olds on his channel.

  • I AN 3 years ago

    I love ❤️ creativity & marketing. For instance, the popularity of your YouTube Channel is very inspiring.

  • Marvel Chain 3 years ago

    mommy need ???????

  • replay3 3 years ago

    I suggest you try VID.ME in parallel with PATREON

  • Don Quixito 3 years ago

    the whole dos equies beer as some one's life is why I wanted to review the leading religious Faith's and find what they viewed as a full life and try to honor there beliefs while designing the web and figuring out what would happen if they went against a core belief what would be the consiqueces for them in the long run having there feet based in that clay and steming from that…instead it's a bunch of jokes played on everyone…and well I wanted the people who read my crap atheist who cut there dick off in case I could meet out a existence for myself have a wife and kids so the stalkers wouldn't think to much on foresight and my kids could be more human then I was and am

  • Don Quixito 3 years ago

    I will find Simone and take her picture then force her to sign it……..muhahahahahahahaha digital indentity and legal rights to information

  • Bruce Johnson 3 years ago

    Swearing will always alienate a certain percentage of the population, while not swearing will generally alienate…no one. So why swear in a public forum?

  • ResortDog 3 years ago

    I like to say: "Advertising is rattling the spoon on the swill bucket." Yeah, no tattoo logo on my forehead.

  • AvallaSoleia 3 years ago

    i think you are doing a really good job making science and technology interesting for kids and young people. i mean as if they dont know those words before you. so why not take it and make science funny. it works way better then some uptight version if my 4y old nephew could understand english i would show him your videos.

  • micafihe 3 years ago

    Hey!! love you!! and I love that you act freely with your own personality and expressions <3

  • Q'uo Daax 3 years ago

    Oh, I'll click on your bait. 😉

  • Random Rainbow 3 years ago

    You know what I like most about the YouTuber ad boycott? I don't have to sit through disruptive ads with the YouTubers I enjoy the most anymore. Purely selfish on my part that. Otherwise, it's shittier than these robots.

  • KATRINA 3 years ago

    Jag gillar dina videos.

  • Friesarmy 3 years ago

    I'm Swedish!

  • Offgrid professor 3 years ago

    lmao, 17/06/20 found you through physics girl. was looking for things for my 12 year old daughter to watch, she is home schooled . i think you almost made the cut, im still lmao , if i had the money id sponsor, your awsome.
    keep going my daughter will need to wait at least a couple of years befor she can see your vids though.

  • Jaded_one 3 years ago

    Just found this channel. Gotta say I think I'm in love! Lol.

  • thejollyjumbuck 3 years ago

    This is the sorta fucking shit pussy poop that I missed by unsubscribing. Anyway, I'm back for what it's worth.

  • red7fifty 3 years ago

    I never pull out when fucking…….wait, what were you talking about?


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