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Published on July 27, 2016 by

Lux mid, weird sound effects and the classic CG debacle. Enjoy 🙂
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  • MR. CAL 4 years ago

    the chinese translater of spazie just go to another earlier RIP

  • Abc Snowy 4 years ago

    Hi Sp4zie i come here to tell you what happened is chinese channel`s Translator
    this is i copy from the others Viewers
    This is what he wanted to say in the video:
    dear lovely friends and the subscriber, I am that i cant translate sp4zie's video any more because when you see this video, i am already gone.Thank you to everyone's support and encouragement .If there is a person who keeps translate sp4zie's video,please contact sp4zie and say thanks to him. I am sorry that I have to be selfish this time to use the left of the video's time for the important people of me. It's because there are few words I didn't finish.I hope her will see this video and let me finish the words.Dear my sweet babe, you've worked hard this time around.I made you feel a lot of pressure and sadness. I am sorry that I let you been thought all those things. I am gone and I hope you can take care everything for me. I sent two packages and a letter to you. One of the packages is your stuff . Another one is your favorite food. And I left a same letter to you in home. I tried to tidy up our home so that you wouldn't feel exhausting when you come back home. I built a list in your youtube account. I hope you can listen and watch the letter at the same time. I always too stubborn about the future. That makes me forget about you need someone to accompany. You always being frugal for our future but I never enjoin the livelihood with you. Please remember to spend time and space for yourself and your family(to the subscriber) If I didn't meet you 5 years ago,I would gone in that year. Thanks for those time and encouragement in those years. When my heart got some damages 5 years ago, it was you to stay with me and kept comfort me. That makes me found the meaning of my life and the life direction. You are always be the motion that push me move forward. There are few life changes because of you and only you can help me get over it. Recently, I looked The Bucket List again. Then I tried to write my own Bucket list. Of cause most of it is copy in the movie
    No.1 Find the love of my life
    No.2 Laugh until tears shows up
    No.3 Kiss the most beautiful girl in the world
    No.4 Have dinner with a beautiful girl in a really expensive restaurant
    No.5 Have a trip with my best friends
    No.6 Cook a dinner to my parent
    No.7 Have a happiness life with my lover
    When I write to hear, I can't keep it because my tears and I realized that all of it achieved with you. You are my best friend all the time and that is why we in a relationship. Although your love to me is not the same. However,in those 5 years, your feelings to me is absolutely true for me. I always think everyday is my last day. I always care about you safety. I always have a sleepless night because of pressure.I always hug you in midnight and crying to say 'hope we will never separate' I used to say ' If I going to die today , I wouldn't feel any regret' to other people but now i have to go, there are so many regret left into the world. I didn't see you as a sweet sweet treasure. There are so many things i didn't do with you. I didn't give you your dream propose. I didn't marry you earlier. I didn't make our dream come true earlier. I didn't accompany and take carry of you forever. Now i have to go ,please follow your heart and move on. Do not let other people tell you what to do. Whatever you choose that path, I will always by you side. Do not forget my heart is staying with you forever when you feel sad. When you miss me , you know what to do.

  • Kevin Hu 4 years ago

    @Sp4zie plz make a video for ur passed away chinese translater

  • 肥胖豬豬 4 years ago

    sp4zie i m from tw i hope you can make video for sp4zie中文版 he is not in this word pls
    sor for my suck English

  • Laura Hospes 4 years ago


    – select numbers
    – press ctrl + F
    – type 0
    – have a good day

  • lau chiu cheung 4 years ago

    hi sp4zie.I am your fans in Hong Kong.Our chinese translator that translate your videos have went to another world.Their translate team has disbanded.Hope you can bless him and mention him in your latest video.We are very upset +Sp4zie

  • chopstick_ boy 4 years ago


    Step1: Highlight the numbers
    Step2: Ctrl and F
    Step3: Put 9 in
    Step4: Enjoy

  • LukasTasteless 4 years ago

    C flat yeah smh Kappa

  • cheuk hang Chan 4 years ago

    @Sp4zie hello Sp4zie
    I'm a student from Taiwan,your videos are very important to me.
    but now,I'm sorry to tell you about your translate(Sp4zie 中文版)
    has gone to another wonderland.
    I hope you can make a video to remember him,please! QAQ

  • kenny 4 years ago

    Sp4ize I think you know your Chinese translation to leave this world , I hope you can make a video to recruit new translators ! Thank you !

  • serpenttao 4 years ago

    That Jhin flash at 4:35 was god-tier tho!

  • Asian Undertale Lover 4 years ago

    Sp4zie !!! The guy that translate videos for you , he is not going to translate your video anymore for some reason .

  • Glen Meye 4 years ago

    If C is the root note, then G would be it's 5th, which means that CG is actually a power chord…
    Sona new main confirmed?

  • Stutter step 4 years ago

    Guys does anybody know the name of the epic moments where sp4zie kept saying "Icy bars" in a funny voice?

  • Aidan Aguilar 4 years ago

    I'd like to point out that at 4:56 yani sounds like mei

  • corross 4 years ago

    Ave at 5:45 "OHHH WOWSERS IN MY TROUSERS" HAHAHA best line ever

  • John Angelo Ayson 4 years ago

    Sp4zie is Japanese Taric Voice Actor confirmed…

  • Irite 4 years ago

    0:17 "it was a crit I think"

  • Samad Law 4 years ago

    @Sp4zie What's the song on 3:55 ?

  • Malte Pogel Larsen 4 years ago

    That Jhin flash tho

  • Don 4 years ago

    idk if i'm late but… PIRI + DONNIS = PINIS

  • Ledge 4 years ago

    0:44 are they sp4zie ? ARE THEY ???

  • Hejduk Bajs 4 years ago

    Spozi is d slowest growing channel

  • storeblaa 4 years ago

    died of laughter from the freaking avune tennis thingy xD

  • Joakim Eskildsen 4 years ago

    i like how he says in the end: ok if that doesn't send you off too a good nights sleep then i don't know what does. and then the dubstep comes out of nowhere xD

  • Alresu 4 years ago

    Aveun does not shoot blind Arrows. He is the sniper of CG, he only shoots the allmapults, when he will hit.

  • 悅穎 4 years ago


  • Liam Poystila 4 years ago

    i am getting pissed whe n are you going to upload again ? it's been forever. i enjoy your content but you have to post for me to enjoy. love you sp4zie

  • yuval ezra 4 years ago

    With a bubble

  • Gandalf Greybeard 4 years ago

    Ey Spuuz! Can u show us ur runes, masteries, build and how u should play Karma?<3

  • Francisco Silva 4 years ago

    Mark Barell

  • Hanna 4 years ago

    Check out my stream! New girl streamer, 20 year old Swede. <3


  • Its Kat 4 years ago

    whats the song at 3:53 pleeeeeeease

  • Gurtington 4 years ago

    pluup AAAHHHH

  • Stefan Marica 4 years ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Mrc Brl should be a thing now? XD

  • Jordan Nickson 4 years ago

    im following you all the way from south Africa love the videos man !!!

  • Sara Colax 4 years ago

    Acclamator , the only man who can invade with Mumu xD

  • Shinigginaz 4 years ago

    wowsers in the trousers fokkin britten m8

  • MatteRyd 4 years ago

    you shuold make Yani's outro a thing in every stream x) its perfect haha

  • Vincent Krynski 4 years ago

    (Click bait)

  • Damian Dobrzański 4 years ago

    Oh god im losing it at DO DO DON DON DONNIS DON DON and MURDER jimster xd

  • Vasilis Xatzis 4 years ago

    Sp4zie you make my day everyday. Thank you.

  • Fran Rukavina 4 years ago

    ewww Spazie a C flat is a B, step your musical game up ewwww

  • Arturo Mesirca 4 years ago

    For most of this episode: close your eyes and let your imagination do the rest

  • The DeadlyDuck 3 years ago

    i början låter det som UFO från DualDGaming

  • Jackan24 H 3 years ago

    "Its gonna connect on both of th Murder!" XD

  • Lucas Schauman Kure 3 years ago

    Aveun sounds so comfortable

  • Noobie2k7 3 years ago

    Pinnis botlane best botlane.

  • thelonewanderer V 3 years ago

    is this plat 1?

  • Csege Vajda 3 years ago

    1:50 only for hungarians this joke 😀


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