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Published on February 6, 2017 by

Talking about the latest Overwatch video and then showing you this kick-ass noodle dish that was just so… UUUUUUH *U*
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  • Jordan Paulson 4 years ago

    I've been a follower of yours since you started man, and I'm glad you produce different content other than league videos. Keep up the good work spuz!

  • Hackhat 4 years ago


  • CakeDogg 4 years ago

    i am so gonna try that….

  • Raging Undead 4 years ago


  • Tim vE 4 years ago

    Sp4zie, I have to agree Manuel Houben's edit to his comment. If you stopped making league videos I would initially be sad because I enjoy them so much, but I am subbed because of you, not because of League and I would watch your content no matter what game you played as long as you didn't become stale, which if you are enjoying the game won't happen.

  • Jordytjeh :D 4 years ago

    u made me so fucking hungry -,-

  • Astoran 4 years ago

    Wait what? This is not how Swedes cook!

  • Impulsive James 4 years ago

    Who the fuck are you? Gordon Ramsey?

  • Niklas Kjellenberg 4 years ago

    Hahah i took a sip of my water when your face popped up saying "Sex! his talking about sex.." almost sprayed it all over my keyboard XD

  • paul Berger 4 years ago

    every Game is gooooood if u do it <3

  • ChickenCast100 4 years ago

    Just made your recipe it was fantastic! Just shared it on twitter! Thanks for a great meal! 😀

  • Emil Martin 4 years ago

    Thats so good

  • Dugma Blubb 4 years ago

    try path of exile, in july there will be a huge content patch you should try it (its 3.0 if you want to wait for it ) 😀

  • greatnatali06 4 years ago

    vi lagade den maträtten och den var super super gott. Vad heter den rätten?. hoppas på mer mat idéer.
    tack för receptet ??

  • fisk andersen 4 years ago

    more chef spuzie

  • ich immernoch ich 4 years ago

    he can do the Kripp

  • EZ Mode 4 years ago

    Yo spoozie if you still want a moba but more overwatchy / smite-like try paragon. It's in beta right now champs still being released and all that but it's very interesting. Love your vids (league, overwatch or something else)

  • 郭鹤年 4 years ago

    Looks good omg

  • Wonko Hirikashi 4 years ago

    Oh my god my mouth started watering after seeing that finished product!

  • woumaar 4 years ago

    I just made that, and it was Amazing

  • abiromy 4 years ago

    I had so much fun listening to you narrate the steps for cooking that dish. If you ever make a cooking audio book I'll buy it for sure.

  • Kromgruk 4 years ago

    Hey Spuz! I've been getting bored of league lately aswell, and a good palette cleanser for me has been Paragon! Its a 5 v 5, like league, but different mechanics and a beautiful game to stream! Check it out, Hope it helps you have some fun with the CG Squad!
    BTW saw you at PAX East and you signed a lanyard for me that i gave to my brother as a gift and he had a huge fanboy moment. Made his Week! Thanks Spuz, keep up the good content but most of all have fun! 😀

  • palmer123 3 years ago

    people like watching you because your an entertainer. it wont matter what you play. people enjoy your content because of you. not what your playing 🙂

  • fumlefinger92 3 years ago

    with all do respect. how long have to been working out? putting this amount of effort into food, when you have to eat all day cuz u train.
    i remembered when i started to train, i quickly went from that to pasta nad beef mix with ketchup. else i be using all day in the kitchen

  • Le Gamer Viril 3 years ago

    The most hilarious video i have seen is the pirate Netdecking hearthstone video.

  • Carl Joshua 3 years ago

    fartstone would be great tho ?

  • Becky Trevino 3 years ago

    My boyfriend and I tried this recipe out and it was so fantastically scrumptious! Check out the pin I created for this recipe on Pinterest. Support Chef Sp4zie! http://pin.it/B4UVmPW

  • Ryan Chan 3 years ago

    the only legit gamer cooking channel

  • JhrJasper 3 years ago

    What happened to the bean sprouts Dave?!

  • Luxurious Spark 3 years ago

    why didnt you tweet that to Gordon? 10/10

  • Auztin 3 years ago

    would love more irl

  • Frederik Nielsen 3 years ago

    Where did you get that pan, whats the name of it, jesus christ its amazing

  • BeFreezy 3 years ago

    You are definetly ready for hells kitchen, you donkey.

  • christopher potter 3 years ago

    Holy Spuuz, you are a great cook!

  • kuno Pruntel 3 years ago

    how are you able to work with "Global" don't they hurt, because its so small at the start of the blade?
    because i do xD

  • Jonas Roeleveld 3 years ago

    I think Gordon ramsay would honestly be impressed

  • Tim Maxi 3 years ago


  • Jaz zuo 3 years ago

    Now that you guys broke up , you should buy coffee machine

  • Tomasz0216 3 years ago

    @Sp4zie IRL i'd recommend wetting the filter first before adding the coffee so you can get rid of the filter flavor and that'd enhance the coffee flavor.

  • andrew atmoko 3 years ago

    lol streamers masterchef! do it pls!

  • RainbowCorgi 3 years ago

    Chicken Ala ACC seems like a really good competitor to this.

  • Nino Klajnsek 3 years ago

    Now you can buy a coffe machine

  • Jasmyne Johnson 3 years ago

    Yas I love the cooking vids

  • Vuk Jovanovic 3 years ago

    super unhealthy,dont use this much better every lunch,its bad af for your helth,,colesterol and all that bad shet. Looks good but its shet for your body. just sayin..

  • Jaz 3 years ago

    Fucking Finnish stereotypes :')

  • Carrie White 3 years ago

    Someone send this to gordon ramsay

  • Asger Høj Lauridsen 3 years ago

    I think doing a different video every once in a while is a really good way to hone your skills as a comedian, which is something everyone want 🙂
    If something sticks, because you enjoy making them, I only ask you to do your best. I will probably stay with you, whatever content you make, because everything you make is golden to me. ;D

  • Omega Coolster 3 years ago

    moment Spuz wanted to flush that one sock i almost died out of laughter, being tired after work makes either anything funny or i just have some dumb sense of humor

  • Pejs 3 years ago

    I'd go gay for sp4zie, just for his cooking

  • Christopher Wessel 3 years ago

    Noodle goals<3


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