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Published on July 19, 2018 by

Here are my 3 favorite summer cocktails/drinks:

Hendricks & Cucumber:
A slice of cucumber
4~6CL Hendricks Gin
A squeeze of lemon/lime
A pinch of black pepper
Indian Tonic Water

Aperol Spritz:
3 Parts Prosecco/Sparkling wine
2 Parts Aperol
1 Part Soda water
Orange wedge & some juice

Old Cuban:
Juice from half a lime
25ml simple syrup
6~7CL Dark Rum
A couple of fresh mint leaves
2-3 drops Aromatic Bitters
Top with Prosecco after shaking

If you make any of these drink, make sure you tweet me a picture so I can see how you did 🙂

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  • Alexander 3 years ago

    Ojoj en gammal cuban den är fan fin

  • Robert Moon 3 years ago

    my man spazie over here drinking in the morning

  • Miochi 3 years ago

    when you don't even drink alcohol

  • Richard Stephano 3 years ago

    Hey sp4zie i just recently checked your stream, found out you played hollow knight, which is a game that i am fan of :3, thank you!

  • Typitus 3 years ago

    Fine taste my sir!

  • Christel Aspenes 3 years ago

    Great video ??

  • Nico D 3 years ago

    I usually go for caipirinha 😀 easy and delicious!

  • Spaffi 3 years ago

    Do more of these please Spuz!

  • MrTwiggy73 3 years ago

    Any recommendations for like a hanging/downgrowing plant for on my bookshelf? I want one that grows down the shelves.

  • I'm STB 3 years ago

    Dude you should start a bar

  • Oscar Wargen 3 years ago

    What is your international demography like? As in how many ppl are swedish, american, german etc. percentage wise ^^. Just love finding out little youtube trivias like this

  • kay hoorn 3 years ago

    You make everything enjoyable to watch. Keep trying out new things Poods, ill be here enjoying myself.

  • Zarkhan Naro 3 years ago

    Can i come to your place, drink some cocktail you've prepared, talk to you, having fun, and then eat your incredible food you cook?
    Even if i'm french it looks like a 5 star restaurant.

    damn your summertime sounds like heaven, thank you for your vids

  • Glabby 3 years ago

    Hey Sp4zie
    I love seeing the irl channel and i have been watching the irl channel since you linked it the first time on your main channel, it's such a different experience to see you on this channel you are way more calm and talk to us like we are friends and it's fantastic for a subscriber like me who have been following you for i think 4 or 5 years. (not sure) So i would just like to say thanks for making me smile everytime i see your content and i hope to see you for many more years to come.
    It's been Glabby and i am out Doooitz

  • Gabriele Noble 3 years ago

    You seem pretty happy lately 😀 happy for you!

  • nikolafrancetic 3 years ago

    Hey Spuzz, I know you did a vid a while back with yt chanels you watch but could you remind us of them (or the vid) or hit us up with the update.
    Love your cooking vids btw, always gets me cooking something.<3

  • Elias Pernefors 3 years ago

    me, 17 years old, sitting here watching this video while I have never drunken any alcoholic beverages in my life like: … k seems neat, might save this video for 2028

  • Jesse de Haas 3 years ago

    Sadly I don't have twitter, but I might just try and throw this old cuban thingy together this summer

  • Kasper Stenbom 3 years ago

    This was different. And I like it! ?

  • Jeppe Givskud 3 years ago

    Is there a full playlist of bloodbourne???

  • MrFernago 3 years ago

    What a way to make my day! Really well taught and entertaining! Amazing vid spuz

  • Minegabri2003 3 years ago

    "try it, do you like it? -yes -drink it" 12yos at a party

  • Sepfins 3 years ago

    I just fucking love these IRL videos, too good

  • CH Productions 3 years ago

    I’m underaged… but I still watch ”How to drink” like there is no tomorrow…

  • Adam Lindqvist 3 years ago

    Thank you Spazie. Your videos always cheer me up; I am going through some tough times with my girlfriend, and this video helped me feel some joy. Love from a swedish fan (have been a fan since 2012, love your content) ❤

  • Aaron Riley 3 years ago

    Have you ever worked behind a bar in the past? I know you used to work in a grocery store but I can't remember if bar staff was another one of your past jobs.

  • Not Jonathen 3 years ago

    I only have an amazing homemade Christmas Cocktail recipe… it’s called Apfelstrudel and it’s amazing. 43er, vodka, apple juice, heat it up and finish with a touch of cinnamon. It’s delicious, and heartwarming

  • Casper Trier Jensen 3 years ago

    Technicly only the last one is considered a cocktail, since a cocktail is a shaken drink, the aperol spritz being an apertiff and the last one being a long drink, however I certainly do agree that all of them are lovely drinks in this heat. Two other very lovely drinks to enjoy is a Dark'n Stormy and a Whiskey Sour.
    Warm greetings from Denmark, and love your vlogs, keep it up 😀

  • lamme zak 3 years ago

    Good shit d4ve

  • Arnold Poluska 3 years ago

    Nooo don't do this cocktails were my niche now they're going to be everywheeeeeeeeeeeeeeere

  • Rory 3 years ago

    "I'm shirtless, you should watch it, everyone is talking about it!"
    Hahahahah nice one dude ?

  • Camille Amore 3 years ago

    Oooh! Yuuum!
    Love watching your vlogs Spuz', feels like you're a friend which is very comforting for an expat like me 🙂 so thanks for your unknowing support!
    I have a question for you: as a freelance and a creator, how do you get stuff done? What I mean is, I'm working on a project that involves me tackling a lot of various components (photo, video, coding, website, writing, drawing…) and I often find myself stuck because I have too many ideas and feel overwhelmed! So do you have any tips for me? 🙂

  • Bing Zhou 3 years ago

    What if I don't drink?

  • Alex Donger 3 years ago

    2 shots of vodka

  • Michal Koleno 3 years ago

    Spazie i have cocktail for you to try. It's called 'Forest Revenge' and you need 2 things:
    spirit named 'Borovička' (Google translator translate it like gin, but it is not that weak or geneva)
    second ingredient is beer (like any beer)
    How to prepare 'Forest Revenge':
    just sit with friends in pub (or anywhere you like) and take shot of Borovička and drink the beer. Few rounds of this 'cocktail' and you will have so much fun (or you get wasted pretty badly). 10/10 friends approved (or 0/10 friends approved XD). Have fun with this 'cocktail'. Doooitz XD

  • ZhenBin Lam 3 years ago

    Sp4zie, when you gonna vlog a video about cooking and music again 🙂

  • The BoXX 3 years ago

    Dooo this more often pls! ??‍♂️???

  • Nikos Andrianopoulos 3 years ago

    binging with spazie

  • Hamsterpie 3 years ago

    Aperol spritz is my go-to during the summers,
    also a little drink I make called Lennart.
    There's some pear cognac, some soda, lime juice, slices of lime and ofcourse a lot of ice.
    It taste like a pear Popsicle without being too sweet ! 😀

  • TheV0iceGuy 3 years ago

    ”Fin Smakarn Jonas”! ?

  • Daniel Fabry 3 years ago

    Wow I love being underage and learning how to make cocktails xD

  • Tomtankill 3 years ago

    Too soon. Falconshield has disbanded.

  • Adrianna Fitał 3 years ago

    The fever tree tonic is the best one <3

  • Zoltán Szilvássy 3 years ago

    still love the fart sound effect:D

  • Lapsis 3 years ago

    Spuzie's cocktails! I will have to try them in some point of summer! 😀

  • Andy Nguyen 3 years ago

    I dont even Drink, but I love Spazies Vlogs ??

  • Aleksa Vukadinovic 3 years ago

    Falconshield is disbanding. There will be 2 more songs out and they are done

  • bjorntor 3 years ago

    Stop pretending you didnt drink them all.

  • gio arca 3 years ago

    It's decided I will clip Dave saying prosecco and I will use it as ring for my life ???

  • Lans Kens 3 years ago

    BIG FAN!! :(((


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