tejbz – CREEPY PASTA – Call Of Duty: REMASTERED Gameplay Commentary Ep 5


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Published on November 17, 2016 by

Dont be alarmed. I have written a creepy pasta myself….. yet! If you are into the video let me know!

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Outro Song: Running Out Of Love – Mikael Persson (Epidemic Sounds)


  • RespawnWatcher 4 years ago

    Whahaha the BOO thingy xD

  • Pontus Hillergren 4 years ago

    supernatural <3

  • Vikorz 4 years ago

    Wish I could actually play this 🙁 It's broken for me and still hasn't been patched in weeks…

  • j c 4 years ago

    tejbz check out the movie the 4th Kind. its an alien abduction movie loosely based on actual events

  • 86Chevelle68 4 years ago

    Great video as usal Tejbz! I have been playing COD4RM since it came out and haven't played shipment yet!!!???? Love this map…brings me back to the days! Have a good one!

  • Jeruhmi 4 years ago

    Good job on the videos lately Tejbz. Really enjoying these 🙂

  • Dr King 4 years ago

    yeah, The Others is forever imprinted as one of the scariest movies I seen when I was a young kid haha!

  • Robbie Blackshaw 4 years ago

    Stopping power seemed so much better. kills went from 2 bullets to like 4 it felt.

  • mattez hackblip 4 years ago

    Om du gillar spökerier, rekommenderas LTGS här på youtube. Checka in!

  • mmm6325 4 years ago

    Check out The last podcast on the left. Hilarious and fucked up at the same time.

  • Jesper 4 years ago

    Dina videos blir bara bättre och bättre!?

  • FiftyFifty 4 years ago

    Tejbz do you need a chiropractor

  • Cameron Rivera 4 years ago

    Great commentary Teijbz!

  • William H Bonney 4 years ago

    Have you watched the x files? Alot of Alien abduction 😉

  • DoArt 4 years ago

    I had almost the same experience. Me and a friend saw a light in the sky that would be there one second and then disappear after a couple of seconds or so, then multiple lights appeared for about 10-20 seconds and then they vanished. It had just one single white light so it didn't look like any lights that you see on planes as they normally have multiple lights. It was also pretty dark so if it were a plane then the lights wouldn't have just vanished randomly.

  • TheOddJocks 4 years ago

    Tejbz look up the Russian sleep experiment

  • Tom Rosch 4 years ago

    lol @JCBackfire is in your game, i wonder if its actually him.

  • SlavjanA 4 years ago

    One time I opened up my kitchen cupboard, and there was no Nutella #2spooky4me

  • Paul Lindholm 4 years ago

    Enjoying this content a ton Tejbz! Keep it coming 🙂

  • George Cracknell 4 years ago

    Great commentary! Keep it up man ??

  • Josh94zz 4 years ago

    its a weird one but the sound of cats fighting in the early morning Freaks me out .. haha

  • Royal 4 years ago

    Awesome commentary man! would be insane if you could check out my commentaries as i put a lot of effort into them 🙂 if not its fine! keep it up man

  • 40splishsplash 4 years ago

    Some "love" there from the CoD community, lol? 😀 Good job sniping on shipment, that's hard! I remember "The Others" with Nicole Kidman, I liked that one..:D And don't worry, no aliens will abduct you…I hope xD

  • Roy Reno 4 years ago

    watch the "Poughkeepsie Tapes". really creepy and scary movie. documentary style.

  • Robert Guzman 4 years ago

    How do you spell it Tobaith affect??

  • Daniel Lilja 4 years ago


  • Arvid Lilliesköld 4 years ago

    Kan du spela cs?

  • thekamotodragon 4 years ago

    tebjz m8, the creepy pasta fad came and went a few years ago, and that was when I and I think most people were into it, but i still do remember a lot great and innovative stories coming out of that phase, like i'm sure if you just go check the creepypasta subreddit and look for the top-rated stories, the coolest and most creative ones are still up like my favorites, the Russian sleep experiment and psychosis

  • Jovan Janjic 4 years ago

    Yo tejbz what fov are you playing on? 🙂

  • Linus Stenberg 4 years ago

    Kan starkt rekommendera avsnittet kallat Duscharna på creepypodden, detta va den första jag hörde och har efter det lyssnat på nästan alla avsnitt och den är min favorit än idag 🙂

  • MrChicchis1 4 years ago

    So glad to see videos dude love you!

  • MateoNoFeo 4 years ago

    Marble Hornets !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mathew M 4 years ago

    Dude I saw a UFO the other day scariest shit of my life it followed me for like 15 minutes and it was all over the place, definitely not a plane

  • Jasper Wijk 14 4 years ago

    Great video man! 🙂

  • y0milky 4 years ago

    I'm telepathic thanks to the toba effect. I'm afraid of the government watching me. Which they are doing right now. Not joking not trolling serious like super serious. But this is the internet so you'll all think I'm trolling. But whatever I know the truth you don't.

  • IQsveen 4 years ago

    I often find myself surfing on Wikipedia, going through article after article about mythical creatures and folklore from around the world. some of those legends are creepy af

  • Trent T 4 years ago

    Tossing you a like for that Marble Hornets shoutout haha. That series was so good

  • onetwoimcomin4u 4 years ago

    bro I love Supernatural, nice gameplay

  • LinusNilsson 4 years ago

    Lyssnar du inget på tack för kaffet podcast? Du har ju vart med där 😛

  • Luis Crespo 4 years ago

    Man your voice brings back so many memories and all the MW and MW2. Recently found your channel again and subbed! Unfortunate that you aren't getting the hype like years ago you. def deserve it. Cheers mate!

  • MegaIkon 4 years ago

    please do more videos like this i am very interested yet scared like a puss.

  • Mirai DOTA 2 4 years ago

    Hi guys ive got a question!
    is this game worth it for like 45€ ?
    to me : i am 21 and cod 4 was raped by me from 2008 till 2013. xbox, ps3 and even on pc. this game was a big part of my life, after 2013 i switched FULL on Pc. dota 2, witcher 3 etc etc. i have pretty good settings.
    but i just know that cod is not made for pc.. battlefield is definitely for PC but not cod.. i just dont know i am still confused..
    does it have lags ? maybe some hackers already? i really wanna buy it cause i remember.. it was like 2012 and i was telling my friends " hey bro if this game will be remastered HD in the future, i will even pay 100€ for it "
    i wanna buy it but is it worth it? i want to play without any lags or crashes, just wanna play it like the old good days.
    and i am glad many legendary players are back at cod 4. THO DA FACE THO DA FACE!
    have a good day man grizz is back too!

  • Wictor M 4 years ago

    Jag har börjat lyssna på Creepypodden innan jag går och lägger mig. Fråga mig inte varför haha!

  • Krystina Chaplow 4 years ago

    Ok Tejbz so im a tinfoil hat man, Im from NZ and i personally think that the government is having something to do with creating the earthquakes that are going on here with the American ship that is doing seismic test blasting on our FAULTLINES, because all along the coast of NZ is oil and us kiwis dont want people drilling for the oil and ruining our sealife/seabed. So whats the best way to get rid of the populous so they can freely drill for oil… by doing seismic test blasting and creating earthquakes to wipe out the towns along our coastline so they can have the coast to themselves.

  • easyadventurer 4 years ago

    I really like the true scary stories thing. Made up ones can be too predictable or unbelievable. But they're all good. I like to get a really long video and do housework to them.

  • ali hamad 4 years ago

    Is this on pc?

  • Exitoz 4 years ago

    Check out the 1999 creepypasta

  • Miguel Paredes 4 years ago

    Jason from Friday 13th scared the shit outta me
    Just to think he did not feel any pain or felt anything
    Scared me

  • Ethan Hamlett 4 years ago

    Tejbz, I've been subbed to you for awhile and I can honestly say that out of the other cod channels you've grown and stayed PGDA and I am proud of you man <3

  • Bastian Johansen 4 years ago

    Hi Tejbz, i really like your videos and i love COD MWR!!! Can you please tell me why and how you can use barret 50.cal in level 9?


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