tejbz – KEEP CALM AND WATCH THIS – Call Of Duty: REMASTERED Gameplay Commentary Ep 4


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Published on November 11, 2016 by

Mentioning Trump winning the election. Hope you enjoyed and wants to see more gameplays! Just stay calm guys!

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Hutchs video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9h3bmtbVZ8
H3h3s video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dzz6gx09zLM
Colbert: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXhFGO8R7aU

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Outro Song: Running Out Of Love – Mikael Persson (Epidemic Sounds)


  • mossidull95 4 years ago

    Mer livecommentary mannen! dina reaktioner som typ " JÄVLA BAJS" är alltid lika kul haha, och vad är det för låt som börjar vid 0:26? underbart beat

  • TheLogicman1 4 years ago

    For what ever reason, they split the COD 4 player base based on where you purchased the game (i.e. Windows, steam, hard copy, etc.). That's why the player base seems so low.

  • Kingan 4 years ago

    You should really check out Agony's collateral test video, you can get a quad with M16 and not even a collat with M40.. :/

  • Reinism 4 years ago

    Let's hope they release MWR separately soon enough and maybe the population on pc will go up

  • Supamaan98 4 years ago

    Do montages they're cool.

  • L Taka 4 years ago

    You're such a nice person, cool to see that you are still around and making videos after all these years.

  • Ryan H. 4 years ago

    Use F.lux it is a program that removes blue light from your screen based on the time of day.

  • YourFavouriteDane 4 years ago

    f.lux dude get it

  • daborjonmachine 4 years ago

    This was a breath of fresh air with all this election crap. Thanks tejbz. BTW really like the style you have of not overly editing your commentary. Gives it a real natural flow and humor at times.

  • KnownAsCrime 4 years ago

    Börja spela konsol igen Tejbz. COD är dött som fan på PC, lika bra att släppa det. Konsol har löjliga spelarsiffror, hörde att mer än 1 miljon har spelat MWR på PS4.

  • Sykedelik 4 years ago

    Sexy vid

  • Bo Asdf 4 years ago

    For the blue light problem download f.lux it takes blue light out of u screen once the sun goes down its sooo good

  • PandaTheory 4 years ago

    I'm hoping that once they sell the remaster seperatly more people will rush to it on PC!

  • Pippo Win 4 years ago

    omg tejbz this is sooo oldschool xD

  • Mister Kjeggle 4 years ago

    you should try put up funny moments with friends like all the time xD DucTjebz ^^

  • FOUR 4 years ago

    Maybe we can play sometime? Winning = More XP

  • Julius Kaverinen 4 years ago

    Lets make tejbz a huge youtuber again! I've missed to tha face so much! I'm happy it's back! Keep it up bro

  • ChristopherDoes 4 years ago

    Man, I've been loving these videos!

  • TASTE THE FEAR 4 years ago

    A tip if you're suffering from eye straining, try f.lux. It's a free app for the PC that changes the screen colour to a yellowish tint when the sun goes down. Really good!

  • oskar columb 4 years ago

    I think Campaign playthoughs are something that I don't see too often anymore but I love them and you should do them even if it isn't you talking at the same time as playing, like record yourself talking through it after playing like you do with these videos. Either way though you're doing great work and I'm so happy I found this channel, it's kind of a breath of fresh air. 🙂

  • InFa Knighty 4 years ago

    Perfect commentary 🙂

  • iSuperEagle 4 years ago

    Hutch is absolutely one of the most genuine people out there, he's gone up so much in books.

  • KiIlaManYaro 4 years ago

    flux is your friend tebz. Gets rid of blue light at night

  • HAYDNBBH 4 years ago

    YES! We need to bring the dual coms back, they were the shit back in the early days

  • Max 4 years ago

    really enjoying your commentary tejb. really glad i subbed however long ago. the bit abou t the book reading is so relatable!

  • Nathan Collins 4 years ago

    I would like to see some sniper free-for-all: also what are you thinking about the titles and emblems in this game?

  • Strandvaskarn 4 years ago

    6 years later and I still find myself watching you play CoD, talking about the gameplay or anything else, you still manage to keep me interested and I love that you're still around. <3

  • Hernan Vela 4 years ago

    i fucking love you tejbz

  • Dmar 4 years ago

    "Show me all the pages right now…" I laughed so hard I started crying hahahaha thanks for years of entertainment tejb! I'm glad I still watch you!

  • HonorFreeMusic 4 years ago

    Damn you have some crazy fluid sniper aim bro, good to see from a pc player!

  • tatje79 4 years ago

    Hey tejbz, check out f. lux on google, filters out the blue light (like night modus on iphone) helps alot when gaming in the late hours!

  • Zurg Cyphex 4 years ago

    How do you manage to get into Ground War on PC? I have trouble finding anything but TDM…

  • fuhkboi 4 years ago

    i can't even load a map, you're so lucky to be able to play

  • Alex Kosaka 4 years ago

    I'd watch the heck out of a MW2 video if you ever went back to that.

  • Ciwzer 4 years ago

    Tror vi har samma benq skärmar, kolla under system inställningarna på skärmen så ska det finnas en inställning som heter "Low blue light" vet inte om det hjälper dock

  • Felix Möller 4 years ago

    Read "Pillars Of The Earth" by Ken Follett. Best book I've read in a long time.

  • Kimpan TheKiing 4 years ago

    Jag vill se dig och Orb spela tillsammans igen på detta spel. och kanske till och med göra en dual commentsry på det. som gammla goda tiden 🙂

  • rysler7 4 years ago

    Very nice video man! Keep 'em coming!

  • Joseph P 4 years ago

    If they released the game as a standalone for $20, the userbase would skyrocket. Nobody wants to shell out $80 for a scam.

  • Fernface 4 years ago

    The price and forced bundle has got to have hurt sales. I would buy it if it was cheap

  • Hassom Qorbanzada 4 years ago

    Bring back the series "Let's talk about girls"

  • Auvioh 4 years ago

    is the PC version of this doing better now? bugs being fixed and such?

  • Brandon Webster 4 years ago

    Who remembers this guy back in the day on mw2

  • Martin Ora 4 years ago

    Real tejbz? Kappa

  • RespawnWatcher 4 years ago

    Lel, the book part was awesome 😛 Awesome Tejbz!

  • madskrillz2 4 years ago

    I think it's almost dead on PC because of the things Phantasy listed. FPS is capped, fov, etc.

  • RandoScrando 4 years ago

    oh man i feel ya on the PC lobbies. its a ghosts town… (cod ghosts pun intended) let me know if youre still on PC and want to party up sometime!!

  • Myth NumbCorns 4 years ago

    damn it looks better when there's no blur outside the scope.

  • Sean Tottenham 4 years ago

    lol that book joke about show me all the pages made me laugh

  • Matt Davis 4 years ago

    do some old school live coms


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