tejbz – No Toxic Players Please! – Road To Grand Master Overwatch Gameplay #23


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Published on April 5, 2017 by

Them sleeps huh!? Them Zarya Energy! Gotta work on my Ultimates tho! Road To Grand Master and we are only getting closer!

#Dominate the game http://hp.tl/60068wEaE

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Outro Song: Running Out Of Love – Mikael Persson (Epidemic Sounds)

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  • Benjamin Stern 3 years ago

    first! also keep playing bro I like the gameplay. if there was more that would be amazing.

  • Links Keyblade 3 years ago

    I been watching you since mw2 you have no idea how happy i am that your still doing your thang and moved to overwatch and hit masters!!!! I love it i just hit masters as well

  • Jade Cookie 3 years ago


  • GGgamer820 3 years ago

    Bra video?

  • The OPI gamer 3 years ago

    Hey ? I have a few questions… do u plan on doing some what longer videos like closer to 20 minutes and what games do u plan on playing in the future if ur going to do full gameplay

  • xFriizist 3 years ago

    Hei bra video

  • CamosLP 3 years ago

    Omg, top 500 i mean
    Top 1

  • Joshua Geno 3 years ago

    I am new to your channel, but you are one of my favorite youtubers now! Cant wait to keep watching your content <3

  • BlueSkyNL 3 years ago

    Awwh that sucks that you're coming across toxic players, those are the worst.

  • O.H 3 years ago

    0:03 Sponosred Xd

  • hi Jeff 3 years ago

    hi tejbz much love

  • Bean Machine707 3 years ago

    Anybody else notice the people arguing In the chat ?? hilarious! Keep up the work man!! ??

  • WastedZymbol 3 years ago

    Looks like you had a ROUGH morning 😀

  • Tweezi 3 years ago

    If you play battlegrounds i would be amazing to watch because i might buy it but I want to watch my fav youtuber play it 🙂

  • Chokladen 3 years ago

    När du går ut från spawn till exempel så kan du skjuta under dina fötter (som Zarya) för att få en liten boost om du inte visste 😀

  • General Zucc 3 years ago

    OMG tejbz!!!!!! DUDE I haven't watched your videos for 7 YEARS!!! I'M SO FUCKING glad to come across your channel again 😀 The last video I remember watching was "9000 SUBSCRIBERS VIDEOLOG APARTMENT SHOWCASE"

  • Johannes Gade 3 years ago

    nice vid keep up

  • JONJOYGAMING 3 years ago

    Tejbz is it really worth buying a omen x


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