tejbz – The Sickest Arena Deck Ever – Mysterious Challenger Paladin


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Published on March 22, 2016 by

Obivously I have loved to play paladin. But at this time I think they are op. But this arena deck is from another world if you compare it to anything I have seen.

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  • tejbz 6 years ago

    I know not everyone likes HS. But hopefully some will enjoy the video and I can spread my love on cs and hs in the future 😀

  • Isaachary 6 years ago

    Fuck yes Paladin! Saw this on your snapchat and was excited for a video 😀

  • AlternateDimensions 6 years ago

    It really bothers me when youtubers purposefully don't say greetings back when the opponent was being polite.

  • Nukepower 6 years ago

    Really enjoyed this video. You are good at commentating, and watching videoes while playing warcraft 3 never fails 😉

  • Grevius 6 years ago

    Snygg thumbnail!

  • Gabeleeen 6 years ago

    Myself I got a Strong Druid Deck with Both KT and Deathwing. Went 7-3 (sadly not more) 😛

  • XCLSV 6 years ago

    I LOL'd so hard sounded like cock hammer.. same thing right xD

  • Lewis .Broadhurst 6 years ago

    Spreading your love on cs and hearthstone is definitely something I want to see! Paladin is the best class I've ever had with arena, got to ten wins a few days back.

  • lm_Cray 6 years ago

    I honestly enjoy all the content you post. Ever since the MW2 days you've been making entertaining videos. I think its just your personality that makes everything enjoyable even if I'm not a fan of what you're playing. Either way keep it up man!

  • wjsozboss 6 years ago

    I personally love when you play different games, Would be cool to see you play some other games also!
    Expand and go outside your comfort zone, Might find a hidden gem 😉

  • Hayden Beck 6 years ago

    Browsing Comments when i Hear "Cock Hammer" 0_0

  • Mr Barwick 6 years ago

    more hearthstone and hearthstone stream


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