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Published on August 25, 2016 by

Im sick of the new cods. Here is my list of what they did wrong!
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1: Switching guns
2: Graphic
3: Movement
4: Maps
5: Guns

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  • Chris P .Bacon 4 years ago

    diggar att du gör old school live coms men du måste öva in att snacka och lira samtidigt igen haha märks att det var ett tag sen 😉

  • Chris P .Bacon 4 years ago

    one thing that is better tho that the community has been craving for years came true w/ Ghosts…. FISH AI!!!!!

  • 3ric585 4 years ago

    Don't forget the God awful connections. COD NEEDS dedicated servers…

  • Felix Evertsson 4 years ago

    Good video but i don't think you should've made it a live commentary.. you keep interupting yourself and saying the same things twice etc.. but i still agree with you 100% about cod

  • Dirty .Bomb 4 years ago

    I really like your content Tejbz, but this video was really poorly executed… And to make two of your points to be about weapon swaping and graphic's became to off for me. I honestly feel like you should remake this video, but that is just my opinion. But don't get me wrong, you are a awesome YouTuber/streamer, but I know you can do much better than this video! <3

  • YuoNoobTube 4 years ago

    Biggest mistake was not allowing modding on PC to be able to balance out the game and therefore making it competitive, than the maps were shit later on, limiting frame rates and shit.

  • ipwn3du 4 years ago

    I keep trying to go back to Black Ops 3 but I just find myself not being to play as much. I'm sick of the jumping around. It's nauseating. I mainly play Rainbow Six Siege now.

  • VertsMedia 4 years ago

    They fucked it up by making it a console game. Shit was perfect in cod2/cod4 when they had moding. Promod was the only legit competitive cod and they ruined it. Now it's just like everything else on console just made to suck money out of people.

  • Austin Hail 4 years ago

    I totally agree about the guns. There are no good guns you can use in BO3. They are overbalancing all of them and they all take days to kill someone.

  • Julio Contreras 4 years ago

    I have to say Black Ops 1 was my favorite CoD, MW3 was decent but after Bo1 it was kinda just downhill.

  • Alex Graham 4 years ago

    For me it's simple:
    1) Class setup – keep it simple like and before BO1, no wildcards or complex perks also secondary equipment shouldn't be as advanced
    2) Realism – Wall runs and stuff is just ridiculous don't even need to elaborate
    3) Guns – Some are far superior to others with no encouragement to try a variety also introduction of shotguns/machine pistols as secondary weapons
    4) Maps – Now majority far too big and incorporating pointless stuff with stupid effects

  • Microsoft Excel 4 years ago

    Are you going to make Cod 4 remastered videos when It gets released in November?

    BTW : Älskar dina videon! Dina BF3 montages var ju bäst 😀

  • Prod L 4 years ago

    Såg dig i Gamla stan för några dagar sen, såg ut som du spelade Pokemon Go 😉

  • specific 4 years ago

    specifc here hello i love u tejb

  • chris fuller 4 years ago

    Love hearing your input tejb. To tha face to tha face!

  • Oldpimpin 4 years ago

    Helt rätt tejbz,hoppas bara dem inte fuckur up call of duty 4 o ändrar en massa skit,låt spelet va som det är activision,

  • Cole Knott 4 years ago

    I only agree with the 3rd and fourth point he made

  • KaleFGB 4 years ago

    Once Black Ops 1 patched Quickscoping and Sniping in general the entire COD community just died. Well people just played MW2 for another year then it died.

  • teknog8r 4 years ago

    I agree on all 5. Cod4 still best cod

  • Vincent Maltais 4 years ago

    "If you try to make shit look better, it is still going to look as shitty… you know?"

  • hankmoody1987 4 years ago

    I love your way of doing videos. pls keep up the good work. ?

  • Villepille 4 years ago

    They fucked up this generation

  • Fantappstic 4 years ago

    Riktigt kul med cod videor igen eftersom man kollade på dig back in the days 🙂

  • vinnymac96 4 years ago

    COD hasn't been fun like it used to be since black ops 2 and I didn't really like blops 2 all that much imo

  • fREDDAN HSMASKIN 4 years ago

    Pretty good points but a pretty bad live commentary , you should do more live comms 😀

  • IronMann347 4 years ago

    6:43 You literally jumped as you said that…

  • V P 4 years ago

    Good stuff tejbz you still the man. Love ur commentaries dude. I'm glad ur still around.

  • schlimanokobibi 4 years ago

    Ehh, not gonna lie but you make some pretty bad points. I'm all for discussion and I agree the old CoDs did some stuff better than the new ones, but I disagree with all of the points you try to make.

  • Jakob Strand 4 years ago

    i agree with the movement, #feetontheground

  • Miruh 4 years ago

    game sound is too high 🙁 not bashing

  • treemustach 4 years ago

    I agree with these points. What I think they really messed up with was the movement with the jetpacks and the gun sounds and how they feel. I liked how in World at War for example, each gun felt a bit different. Even the snipers (Springfield, Mosin Nagant) felt different to each other. Now they all have almost the same exact feel and sound which really makes the game feel too plain and not as interesting. The killstreaks should have been changed after MW2 to something a bit less extreme, not more extreme than it already was. After Black ops is when they really started to meddle with the system, which was when the games got tedious and too formulaic.

  • Yah YahYah Yah Yah 4 years ago

    I agree. Cod is still fun but that jumping around is annoying af!

  • [[NANORANIS]] 4 years ago

    Honestly, a new CoD should be released only every 3rd year. It would be at a much better place now if it had been that way.

  • luckySkillFaker 4 years ago

    not necessarily my own top5, but still on point – gotta agree!

  • the matrix 4 years ago

    Yes, cod4 is a classic, I will always love it…

  • Yeababy 4 years ago

    I would say good guns and maps, feeling, simplicity are the things newer cods are lacking.

  • Rick Davis 4 years ago

    Spot on my man

  • freddo 1614 4 years ago

    that aim jesus

  • sticky_starr 4 years ago

    so true ….sad but true ..

  • Mr NiceKnife 4 years ago

    Agree completely bud, new cod4 looks like shit compared to a 2007 game, pathetic.

  • Fugg Rife Skateboards 4 years ago

    Your on the money dude !!! All amazing points i share!

  • SaintZombie1 4 years ago

    That was a great video man!

  • Jack Garner 4 years ago

    Cod 4 was so basic that it just worked! And was the best cod ever invented, that and bringing back memories of rushing home from school to play it!

  • Faawz 4 years ago

    I just wonder how they fucked up so bad, CoD4 is probably the greatest CoD to date, WaW was fun as hell also (especially with the zombies idea) I enjoyed MW2 but felt like the 20 different killstreaks and OMA killed it for me (Ground War was unplayable, which is my favourite game mode) Black Ops 1 was meh (campaign was brilliant) but after that I got bored, got fed up with the killstreaks, average maps, and now the movement and similar sounds, guns etc.

    I'm a massive CoD4 fan and I still play it to this day, I just don't see why they didn't keep CoD the way it was. Simple killstreaks (means being good with guns mattered more), well thought out maps (actually felt like real battle areas), pretty much all the guns were good to use. The only reason they continue to make these shitty games which seem like they take no thought or effort making is because they know these kids will buy it regardless. They started playing CoD around Black Ops 1 and after and never experienced how fun older CoD's were. WaW and CoD4 were kept very similar (in terms of killstreaks, map design, weapons) and they were both great games. I just don't see why they need to continue with the 20+ killstreaks, shitty maps, terrible guns, similar noises etc.

  • kick flips 4 years ago

    haven't seen a video from you in possibly 3 years, but as soon as I heard that intro, I instantly said to the face to the face, and was surprised to not hear you say it

  • SingleHanded 4 years ago

    Hopefully Battalion 1944 will be a good boots on the ground FPS. I'm done with double jump wall running COD.

  • SolidMushroom9 4 years ago

    to the face to the face

  • Emmanuel Rojas 4 years ago

    I love the old cod gameplay, i don't mind watching it, the new cod's are trash, I'm super excited for Cod 4 remastered

  • Gerard Shadiow 4 years ago

    If I had to come up with a top 5 reasons why cod has fallen off it would be

    1. Micro transactions aka the black market. They are worried about making money more than a good game.

    2. The competition, no one trash talks anymore. Shit used to get personal all the time and that's what I loved.

    3. Movement like you said, I prefer boots on ground, just your skill with your weapon

    4. Specialists, it's a decent idea, but really they just stole supers from Destiny.

    5. Gameplay, it's become a little too fast paced, TTK is ridiculously short.

    There are definitely still more negatives and more positives to Cod obviously but I feel cod should be realistic and have a connection to the player, not some sci fi flying through space shooter.

  • DMW 4 years ago

    basically agree with every point here.

    My biggest gripe with the newer cods is the flying and the map design.

    cod 4 maps were the best. simple design, ability for spawn trapping etc


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