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Published on October 10, 2016 by

Montage is a form of art! And also talking about my latest tunnelvision project. H1z1!

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  • BlackCoffee 4 years ago

    oh yes

  • spellskreen 4 years ago

    nice, thx tejbz)

  • MAVERICK MCDONALD 4 years ago

    harambe would be proud of this

  • vali *rip* 4 years ago

    whats the server name? and how do you change the +300 to blue?

  • TheAlbayrakProject 4 years ago

    dope shit bro <3

  • 7002Ben2007 4 years ago

    I generally only play one game at a time. Probably because of the time it takes up. But yeah sometimes i get stuck on achieving somthing in a game 🙂

  • EyesSetToKill91 4 years ago

    Love the montage! Im so hyped for MW Remastered, Sooner or later im gonna work on getting a gaming pc. Ive played a little PC and I love it.

  • Bdash52 4 years ago

    upload the hz1 where you went 5th i wanna see it

  • TACTIIC 4 years ago


  • Jack Oram 4 years ago

    you know you can record demos then open them using a movie config

  • RicharBetaCode 4 years ago

    Old School baby! 😀
    Let's go Tejbz!

  • Chris 4 years ago

    Getting me so hyped for Remastered!

  • Adam Sjögren 4 years ago

    The combination like this with some nice clips and a commentary is perfect. Cause sometimes it gets boring with a 10 min commentary a half decent gameplay.

  • Örjan Lax 4 years ago

    kör du promod?

  • Stiefelknecht 4 years ago

    you play faster because you play on pc now…

  • rexsarn 4 years ago

    Loving these chill comentarys Tobias, keep em coming! ^^

  • Devan Stacy 4 years ago

    You're in my tunnel vision Tejbz.

  • JBOTTSIOWA 4 years ago

    so satisfying to watch cod4 montages again, brings me back to the good days of playing call of duty. I'm actually excited for cod4 remastered unlike the past several call of duty's.

  • Frans Rålin 4 years ago

    vad heter servern du lirar på?

  • Tertzi 4 years ago

    To everyone asking, the server name is in the bottom left corner when he checks the scoreboard. "BLOCKPOST|Ranked|PB"

  • Elliot Alkelid 4 years ago

    Älskar montaget skitbra!!??

  • MattysEdits 4 years ago

    i know what you mean, i think people who have obsessive personalities tend to focus on one thing at a time, im the same

  • SharpSteelz 4 years ago

    That was a badass montage!

  • 40splishsplash 4 years ago

    Great sniping, bro! The R-700 is so smooth and nice to use..! 🙂

  • The MiniJedi 4 years ago

    My tunnel vision: elder scrolls Oblivion

  • hbn93 4 years ago

    Old school Tejbz. These videos are the best <3

  • Alec swayer 4 years ago

    Ayye Tejb! Still got it!

  • Hattrick Knuckles 4 years ago

    The tunnel vision thing you describe is often associated with ADD. I know that I go through exactly what you described and it makes it hard to get really good at one special thing. Right now for me my 'tunnelvision' is super smash Bros melee but who knows what it will be in a month

  • Mr. Mix 4 years ago

    Will you be playing the new cod and remastered on PC or PS4?

  • DoArt 4 years ago

    you should record demos and ill edit them if you want 🙂

  • luckySkillFaker 4 years ago

    nice 😀

  • Tzrzldking 4 years ago

    Seriously sick and amazing montage tejbz! Loved the music and clips. You got some serious skill!
    Interesting topic on the commentary as well. I too have "tunnel vision" xD. Anyways, keep up the good work!

  • mums351 4 years ago

    I don't really have tunnelvision but i have those times where i focus 100% on CSGO and then after like 3 or more days i get a little bit bored and try to play some other game like COD or BF or some other game i haven't been playing for long, and then after that i feel like playing CSGO again.

  • TabooZombie 4 years ago

    I suffer from bi-polar/manic-depression disorder which makes me like something one day and not care about it at all the next. But sometimes I get lucky and I will have 2 games in my tunnel vision to choose from 🙂

  • Bombarchy Bomber 4 years ago

    lovin the old school shit tejbz

  • Staurt Jarvis 4 years ago

    ow god i cant w8 for remasted ive taken 3 days of work lol

  • TSOO-SpaceMonkey 4 years ago

    love your vidios and love that you started playing COD games again.

  • Seven Ragle 4 years ago

    finally came over from adams channel, tbh thought youd look like fez from that 70's show lol but i am now obsessed with your channel lol. i have tunnel vision too but like with youtubers like first it was toby games and pewds and minx 4 yrs or so ago then it was mark and wade then it was vanoss and their crew (who i still watch) now its adam and his bunch of people lol (guarantee ill still watch yall in a few yrs if killary or grab em by the pussy trump doesn't kill us all)

  • hankmoody1987 4 years ago

    sexxxyyy montage!

  • msbauer1 4 years ago

    Great video tejb, love it. even though cod4 is the best cod, you should play promod instead of the normal crap

  • kuyuchi 4 years ago

    yes, i definately got the tunnelvision syndrome, play csgo for 2-3 months, got to supreme. then a friend asks me to play league of legends or w/e, i play a couple of games with em. enjoy it and tunnelvision on league for a while, not even touching csgo at all anymore and then same thing happens with league or whatever i played after csgo and the cycle continues. at one point i noticed this and tried to avoid it by just being like 'im not gonna play that game cause im enjoying this for now' but after a while i felt i was hindering myself from playing different stuff by not playing games i felt like playing so now i just go with whatever i feel like doing. thanks for giving it a name cause now i have a better explanation to my friends about this XD

  • G2xDreaMzz 4 years ago

    Tejbz's obsession with geometry wars was unreal lol remember those days

  • Marv Nezzii 4 years ago

    Tunnelvision -> RuneScape

  • Drew Corkern 4 years ago

    They should remaster mw2 and I'd buy and Xbox immediately

  • Tweezi 4 years ago

    Do more montages man and I know my tunnelvision is like yours I can only focus on one thing only

  • 52887tj 4 years ago

    I think the tunnel vision thing might be a form or A.D.D.

  • Zesar 4 years ago

    Got the same thing :p really focus 1 thing and grind it out then i change game / thing ;D

  • NoLinesCrossed 4 years ago



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